Wednesday 26 November 2014

Children’s Christmas Gift Ideas

My first actual Christmas Inspired post this year, yay! I can’t believe theres less than a month left until the big day but I only have a few more gifts left to get and then it’s all done and I’ll just need to wrap (or try to!) everything and stick them under the tree... Although I doubt everything will fit! It’s Millie’s second Christmas this year and we’ve been really stuck as to what to get her but I’ve ended up buying so many things that I thought I’d share a few of them with you if you’re struggling what to get your children, a friends children or relatives such as nieces, nephews etc. 

Her main present this year is the George Wooden Deluxe Kitchen although we struggled to get hold of one, it was definitely what we wanted to get her. We’re still trying to get hold of the Wooden Cooking Set that goes with it so if any of you know anywhere that has it in stock, please let me know! She’s also had a 2 Disney Princesses, Belle and Elsa as she already has Snow White along with lots of jigsaws and learning toys. The selection of gifts I’ve chosen to share with you will be suitable for boys and girls so take a peek...

Firstly, is a Kids Stuff Bath Set* (£5.00) which has foaming body wash so when your little one is playing in the bath, they can play with the foam and the monkey shaped sponge and they’ll be washing themselves too! The squirty body foam will definitely make washing more fun! Next, is a selection of DVD’s - one is Christmas themed and is Peppa Pig and the second is Sarah and Duck. I think we’ll probably give Millie the Peppa one when the decorations go up so she can get into the Christmassy Mood as I don’t see the point of Christmas gifts for Christmas because it’s already been and gone. Anyone else agree? There’s also a Wooden Dress Up Peppa game too which will be good for hand eye coordination skills. 

A selection of books is up next and she has quite a few for Christmas as she loves reading. I’ve tried to get a variation of books including ones I loved as a kid such as ‘We’re going on a Bear Hunt’, ‘Each Peach Pear Plum’ and ‘Green Eggs and Ham’. Amazon are amazing for books at the moment and most of these cost me around £3.00 each! 

Lastly, are a really cheap but fun stocking filler type gift. These Flash Cards were £1.00 each and Millie loves matching them up or literally just playing with them on the floor. They’re bigger than normal cards and they all have different themes so one is alphabet, one is numbers and then there is a Mr Tumble set too! I got these from Poundland! 

There’s also a Christmas Story Pop Up Book, a Cbeebies CD for in the car and a Minnie Mouse Lunchbox with a Peppa Pig box inside for days that she goes to playgroup or my Mums house and takes a little lunch with her! 

Have these gifts given you any ideas for what to buy the littles ones on your list? Let me know if it has! Merry Christmas! 

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