Saturday 4 October 2014

#Nigglefix - What Niggles You?

As the video says, life does have it’s fair share of niggles... Running out of milk when you’ve just made a cup of tea, laddering your tights and not having a spare pair, that little jig you do to pull up your tights... Yeah, you got it, but just focusing on that one thing, that horrible annoyance that leave us ripping it off at the end of the day - Bras, Triumph may have just made our whole lives complete. 

The under wiring in bras is the worst part about them and the best part of most girls days is taking off their bra. Who agrees? Triumph have seen this niggle, heard our cry and fixed it with this amazing silicone replacement, quite literally making the bra sit on our lovely jubilees with no bother at all! It allows the bra to mould with our cups making that whole pulling down and rearranging a thing of the past. You can also sign up to Triumphs newsletter and get £5.00 off your first purchase, just click here. Prices start from just £34.00 so it’s no more than your other well known lingerie brands! 

Do you have a niggle that you wish could just be fixed? Well, using the hashtag #nigglefix, Triumph want UK women to share their everyday problems on Twitter and Facebook, it can be taming that frizzy hair to tugging up those saggy jeans; Triumph will then take some of the niggles posted, share the most common problems and then call on the rest of Twitter to suggest the best possible solutions! Your niggles could soon be getting fixed so be sure to share them with the world. As they say, a problem shared is a problem halved!  
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