Wednesday 24 September 2014

My Holiday Must Have's

Another holiday post, sorry. But today, I’m going to reveal some of the items that I couldn’t have got through the week without. There’s a mixture of everything really and I hope that if you’re off on holiday soon or even when you come to go next year, you’ll remember what I’m telling you about these holiday must have’s.
1) Sunglasses. I’m such a squinter when I’m on holiday. I can’t not wear my sunglasses and I’d even risk getting massive white rings round my eyes so that I don’t squint the whole time. My eyes are so sensitive to sunlight so that sunglasses are just stuck to my face the whole time. These H&M tortoise shell sunglasses were £2.00 and they’re the sturdiest sunny’s I’ve ever owned. LOVE THEM.
2) Robinsons ‘Squash’d’ squeezy squash. These are super handy, even at home! The size of them meant Millie had juice to drink rather than just water all week and of course, we had something to add to our water. They’re super tiny so you can carry them in your hand luggage and we had 1 that lasted all week! 
3) No7 Facial Aftersun Lotion. This stuff is a dreeeeeam if you are prone to burning your face whilst on holiday. My forehead and nose always burn so I kept this in the fridge and applied it each afternoon and just let it soak in. It doesn’t feel greasy, it doesn’t leave any weird residue on your skin and most of all, it soothes your hot skin! I hope this stays around for next year - I highly recommend!

4) Balconette DD+ Bikini’s. If you have big boobies, the last thing you want to be squeezing those bad boys into is little triangle bikinis or even bikinis with no support. Uh uh sister, strap those babies down with a good DD+ bikini top. This polka dot one is from ASOS and I wore it most days. I could even go strapless as it held my boobs in place and I felt confident that they weren’t going to pop out! 
5) In-shower aftersun lotion*. This stuff speaks for itself. What better way to soothe those burnt shoulders, squirt this all over them, turn the shower to cold and let the gasps commence! 
6) Sliders. I’m no fan of strappy, in-between-your-toes flip flops, they make me cringe! So when I come across these black sliders, I had to have them and I’m so glad I did. I never took take them off, yes... Even now, I’m still wearing them. They’re so bloody comfy and for £10.00 I’ve definitely got my moneys worth. 
7) Soltan Dry Touch Suntan lotion*. You know the horrible, greasy, sticky feeling you get when you apply suntan lotion? The type that puts you off applying it and you’d rather burn? Well, with this, you don’t get that at all. It’s a spray on lotion and it comes out clear too so spray and rub it in then you’re good to go! I also used this on my face and unlike creamy lotions, it didn’t break me out in spots. Winner! 
There’s not one thing on this list that I wouldn’t recommend to anyone that’s off on their jolly’s so, make a list, bookmark the page or buy the stuff now before you forget! What are your holiday must haves? 

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