Monday 22 September 2014

Travel: Lanzarote 2014

I’m back! As you may (or may not) have known, we went on holiday last week to Lanzarote. It wasn’t the best of holidays - for a number of reasons... Millie was sick 4 times on the day we travelled, she was then grumpy/teething/ill for the first 3 days, we then got ill on the 4th day and the food at the hotel was terrible. Other than that, it was lovely to get away and have a proper holiday as a little family of 3. 

Here’s some of my favourite photos from the week...


  1. Aww it looks like you had a great holiday despite all the illness! Hope you are all feeling better now x

  2. Such a shame about all the rubbish bits that happened but it looks lovely nevertheless! Hope you had a fab time :-)

    xxx | daisydaisyxxo
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  3. Oh that's sad you were all ill at one point and another! I know how first holidays abroad with your child is such a special time and I really had everything crossed you'd have a good one! Your photos look beautiful though!

    My sister went to Menorca.. although I think it could be the same distance? She had an amazing time! They were in a little complex and everything was walking distance (including a water park!)

    Pray for me doing 16 hours myself with LM in 6 months time! Haha xxx


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