Wednesday 10 September 2014

Holiday Packing: First Aid

So unless you’ve been hiding under a rock, not reading any of my blog posts or don’t follow me on twitter, you’d know that I go on holiday TOMORROW and have slowly packed over the last 2 weeks but now, it’s all done... I think. Last week, I shared my Beauty Essentials that were coming with me and so here are the (not always so) necessities when it comes to medicines. 

Millie has her own little stash that compromises of calpol, teething powder, nurofen and sweeties but ours covers a little more than that and I always like to be prepared whenever we go abroad just because you don’t know if things we take for granted over here i.e. Cold and Flu tablets, are readily available wherever it is you’re going. In my trusty little medicine bag I have:
Immodium (you know what that’s for)
Travel sickness bands (although these will be on my wrists, not in the bag)
Throat Sweets 
Lemsip Cold & Flu drinks
Insect repellant
Bite and Sting relief
Anticeptic wipes and Gaviscon (incase we eat too much one night...)

I’m pretty sure i’ll be added a pack of Cold and Flu tablets just because I come down with a cold when we went to Gran Canaria 2 years ago due to the Air con and don’t want that to happen again, along with the €13 crappy tablets I bought over there that didn’t help at all. 
Do you think that there’s anything I’m missing? Let me know what you were thankful that you took on holiday! 
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