Wednesday 13 August 2014

Joan Collins ‘Timeless Beauty’ Makeup: First Impressions

Some people may think when reading the tittle of this “Joan Collins makeup? Really? Wouldn’t that be for old people?!” No, it wouldn’t, actually! This gorgeous collection of makeup has been created by the wonderful diva that is Joan Collins and includes something for everyone. There is everything from eyeshadow quads, nail varnish, lipstick and even eye lash treatment but the few bits I was very kindly gifted are the Eyeshadow and Brow definition kit (Available October 2014), Velvet Blusher Compact and Liquid Eyeliner.
The first thing I love about this collection is the packaging. Being the glamorous icon she is, Joan Collins has definitely made sure this is portrayed in her makeup collection too as the luxury gold packaging is enough to catch anyone’s eye. It stands out from all my other black packaged makeup and is super durable so brilliant to travel with. The compacts are all the same size too which is something I really like as you don’t have various sizes to try and cram into your makeup bag or drawers. 
The quality of the blusher and eyeshadows/brow shadows is equally brilliant. Super pigmented shadows means that you’re not digging your brush in to make sure you’re getting the colour coverage you’re after. The brow gel and shadows are also a perfect match and although the tools are a little too small for me to use, it’s a good little kit to chuck into your handbag on a night out - containing tweezers, applicator and a eyebrow brush. 
My only downfall here is the eyeliner but that’s not because it’s rubbish, it’s because I can’t bring myself away from the much loved, re-purchased Collection Liner that I’ve been using since I was about 13. The nip on the Joan Collins Liquid Liner is a little too flimsy for me and I can’t get the stroke that I like but the liquid is SUPER long lasting and I did have a little trouble getting it off so an oil based makeup remover is definitely needed for this one! 
joan collins makeup
From what I’ve used of the products so far, the Eye and Brow definition kit is definitely my favourite product and I can see myself repurchasing this in future. If you’d like to get your hands on any of the above products, or more, you can shop the collection at or
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  1. The eye and brow palette looks absolutely lovely! The packaging for all of this is just stunning:)



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