Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Weightloss Wednesday: Back on it

I started taking part in the Weightloss Wednesday series a little while back but slipped out of the routine after a few weeks and got back into my bad ways of eating junk, not exercising etc etc, You know the score! So, what better way to inspire myself to get fit... GO ON HOLIDAY!! 

Yes, we’re going on Holiday (to be booked...) in September and I want to tone up what wobbles the best that I can before we go! I started exercising again last week, running twice a week and doing core exercises 3 times. I’ve started to use the 30 day Challenges app to give me exercises to complete so I don’t loose track and it seems to be going ok at the moment. I can’t keep up with them every single day so I’m trying to do at least 4 days of exercise a week and then up it closer to going on holiday. 

My motivation slips away quite easily and I know you’re meant to have a ‘healthy’ eating pattern along with exercising but I find the word ‘diet’ scares the hell out of me so I’m focusing on exercising first and then will tackle the diet later on. I just feel exercise is so much more important for me at the moment and my fitness levels have gone down so much since falling pregnant that half hours walk will knacker me out! 

I’m not going to be posting every week but will hopefully get an update up twice a month or so with progress pictures too as I find looking at myself spurs me to do more because I can see what needs changing! Here’s the very first one (I had just done a 45 minute workout so excuse the state of me!) and I hope you stay tuned for more! 

The main parts I want to focus on are my stomach and upper legs, my arms will hopefully get better along the way too but I’m not too worried about them at the moment. A little goes a long way so I’m not pressuring myself too much, I just want to get myself into a little routine to kick start it all! 

Wish me luck!! 
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