Thursday 3 July 2014

Travel: Planning a Holiday with a Toddler

As you may or may not have seen, I’ve been looking at holidays the last few weeks and posting random questions about travelling with a toddler over on Twitter. There are so many things to think of when it comes to travelling and throw a baby or a toddler into the mix and it just adds to the stress of it all (well, I think so anyway!)

If you’re lucky enough to be jetting away, take a look at some of my tips for travelling with a toddler to make your trip a little less stressful... 

There is so much more to consider now when booking a foreign holiday, especially if you’re going with children, things such as:

- Does the room have tea and coffee making facilities or a kitchenette to warm bottles through?
- Is the hotel/resort fairly flat and suitable for a pushchair?
- Does the room have a separate living area?
- Is there a children’s area and do they provide evening entertainment?
- If travelling All Inclusive, do they have a good selection of food?
- What if they start screaming on the plane and we can’t do anything about it? 
- Is it worth buying a Trunki or just sticking with a pushchair whilst in the airport?

So, in answer to all of these, make sure you do the following:
- Make sure you check the hotel and room facilities before you book. Some self-catering rooms may not have all the things you need and better still, some hotel rooms have self catering facilities but some don’t. 
- Make sure that the hotel isn’t on a hill or surrounded by 100’s of steps. The worst thing is lugging a pushchair around in 30+degree heat! 
- Most hotels now have a children’s club but check the ages! Some don’t allow children to attend until they’re 4+ years old. 
- Go half board. At least doing this you haven’t spent £100’s on food that could potentially be shit. This way, you can still eat out if you want to and don’t feel like you’re spending additional money.
- Take toys that you KNOW your child will play with. New things are great but the fascination will die down after 10-15minutes. Kinder surprise type toys are amazing and you can always make your own too!
- Take as little luggage as possible. You’ll have so much to think about that you don’t want to take more than needed. Trunki’s are great if you have a child old enough to pull it themselves, if not, you’ll just be lugging another bag around. 

There’s so much more to consider when it comes to travelling with a toddler, especially if it’s the first time, why can’t we hire someone to do it for us? Or why don’t planes have a ‘child only’ area? Imagine that... We just don’t know what to expect and I think it’s a little anxiety too, not knowing what could happen! 

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  1. Gran canaria will be great for a first family holiday especially as the flight isn't too long. You'll be surprised she may fall asleep on the plane the noise and movement tends to get them off to sleep no matter the age haha! Also don't worry about other passengers if she plays up just pretend that they're not there. We liked the Trunki as Amelia would pull it around and was great for keeping her stuff in separate. xx


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