Thursday, 3 July 2014

Planning a Holiday with a Toddler

As you may or may not have seen, I’ve been looking at holidays the last few weeks and posting random questions about travelling with a toddler over on Twitter. We have travelled with Millie before but not via aeroplane so going abroad is going to be a huge difference in journey and planning than what a car journey is. 

 We hope to go away in September and are thinking about heading back to Gran Canaria as we went there 2 years ago (before Millie was born) and feel a little more comfortable going for our first foreign family holiday to a resort we know how to get around and know that is nice too! The flight is 4 hours so the biggest thing that is crossing our minds at the moment is how Millie is going to be during it! (To put it straight, we don’t want her to scream the plane down and get people death staring us for the whole flight...) She’s not a sleeper and doesn’t tend to sleep wherever she is, and although she is getting better and will drop off for half hour in her car seat or pushchair if she’s super tired, I doubt very much she’ll get comfortable enough on our laps to fall asleep. I can’t get comfy on a plane let alone having to sit on someone the whole time! 

A few other worries and questions have crossed my mind whilst looking at hotels and there is so much more to consider now when booking a foreign holiday, things you forget about such as:

- Does the room have tea and coffee making facilities or a kitchenette to warm bottles through?
- Is the hotel/resort fairly flat and suitable for a pushchair?
- Does the room have a separate living area?
- Is there a children’s area and do they provide evening entertainment?
- If travelling All Inclusive, do they have a good selection of food?
- What if Millie starts screaming on the plane and we can’t do anything about it? 
- Is it worth buying a Trunki or just sticking with a pushchair whilst in the airport?

There’s so much more to consider when it comes to travelling with a toddler, especially if it’s the first time, why can’t we hire someone to do it for us? Or why don’t planes have a ‘child only’ area? Imagine that... We just don’t know what to expect and I think it’s a little anxiety too, not knowing what could happen! So, if you have any tips, or have even written a post about travelling with a toddler, please share it with me! I want to read up on it as much as possible before we go! 

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