Thursday 17 July 2014

First Impressions & Swatches: Makeup Revolution London

Makeup Revolution London is a new brand of affordable makeup for us beauty loving junkies. Only launching in March 2014, they have taken the UK by storm with over 300 products released with more on the way, a huge following base on Twitter and Facebook and lots of reviews out there already, they are definitely the one to watch and in my eyes, are taking over Superdrug’s MUA brand in the likes of affordability and quality of products. 

I was very kindly gifted the following items as I’d not yet tried any products from their collection and  in doing so, received one of the new I <3 Makeup Palettes which is a brilliant summery, bright eyeshadow palette and also the cover and conceal palette with a single eyeshadow and lipstick, both in Purple. 

The packaging on all of the products is super sleek and I love the glossiness of the palettes, meaning they are easy to wipe clean and are protected well if you need to take them out/on holiday etc. There is so much choice when it comes to the colour range with brights, neutrals and palettes for everyone - there is bound to be something you’ll love and the price tag is even better! With eyeshadow and lipstick starting from £1.00 and Palettes starting from £2.50, you’d be crazy not to try your odds with the newest makeup out there! I’m loving the lipstick at the moment so will definitely be picking up some more colours when I get chance!
Have you tried any products from the Makeup Revolution Collection? What is your favourite so far?
 photo loveemma_zpsbbf2913e.png


  1. OMG I am so waiting to try these!
    Red Alice

  2. I got this palette! I'm in love!! I wrote a post about it yesterday! <3

    xxx | daisydaisyxxo

  3. Wow those colours really pop!

    Dahlia x

  4. Love this brand, such good quality for the price.
    love victoriajanex

  5. I love makeup revolution! I ordered alot from their website myself! :D

    Mia xx


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