Wednesday 4 June 2014

Chicago Town Pizza Review

You all know I love my food. Yep, no matter what it is, I’ll give it a try! Pizzas seem to be the best ‘go-to’ meal that anyone can have! Whether you order in or store them in your freezer, no meal can beat that of a perfect thick crust, covered in oozy, gooey cheese with chunks of delicious pepperoni, bacon, chicken.... Is your mouth watering yet?! 

I was kindly sent some vouchers to go and pick up a few of the new Chicago Town Pizza’s, the nations Number 1 favourite Pizza brand beating Dominos! With flavours such as Stuffed Crust BBQ Sizzler, Chicken and Bacon Melt and Classic Cheese, there’s something for everyone! 

We’re lovers of meat and stuffed crusts over in this house though so we tried the Stuffed Crust BBQ Sizzler and the Stuffed Crust Pepperoni *currently on offer 2 for £6.00 in Sainsburys* and for a shop bought pizza, you can’t get much better than these! 

 We served ours with chips and onion rings although I think the pizza itself would have filled us up on its own! Even when you remove it out of the pack, there isn’t any need to ‘re-arrange’ the ingredients which I feel like you have to do with most frozen pizzas or it doesn’t look as if there’s enough to cover the base! The dough is soft and the stuffed crust is thick enough to dip into your mayo, ketchup... whatever it is you like! With a cooking time of 22 minutes, it beats a delivery service too as normally you’re waiting 45minutes or so for it to be delivered and by that time, you’ve already eaten the remainders of your fridge! 

If you’re looking for a quick fix meal but something that won’t let you down, then try these Chicago Town Pizzas! You’ll be going back for more! 

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  1. We love the Chicago Town Pizza’s here...We've not tried the BBQ Sizzler one's before x

  2. I love Chicago town pizza, not had the bbq sizzler before but it looks lush


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