Thursday 15 May 2014

Guest Post: MyBoyAndI’s Confessions of a New Mom

So whilst the lovely Emma & her family are taking a much needed holiday to Cornwall, I am here on her blog writing a guest post for all you lovely readers. My post is going to be about the things I miss doing or having since my little boy entered my life. I think it is safe to say the main thing is "me time" but I will go into a bit more detail for you in regards to the nitty and gritty things that I miss

Firstly, I will probably have to say I miss being able to do what I want when I want. From taking a nap if I'm tired down to just popping to the shops. To sleep whilst baby naps is a no go, I simply just have too much to do, there is not enough hours in the day and I cannot be wasting them sleeping when there are a ton of other things that need doing. You cannot just pop to the shops when you have a baby, as you have to pack up your whole life just to be able to leave the house. And then there is planning it around feed / nap times. It basically just becomes mission impossible. Basically any simple task in which you were able to do before, you can no longer do. 

Secondly, it's the "pamper time" I miss (and I think I miss this the most). Those nights in which you have to yourself, to wind down and feel human again. Taking a nice hot bath, applying a face mask, plucking your eyebrows, shaving your legs, painting your nails, all the girly things. I cannot remember the last time I had a whole evening to do this, ironically I've never really been a bath person, but now that I don't really have the time to take one, it's all I crave! Another thing I miss is having my hair done. Going down to the hairdressers for a good cut and blow dry, colour being applied, the works! Sitting there and just letting someone make you feel ten times better, oh yes I do miss this. However, not only is it time consuming, it also comes at a price (especially what I used to have done pre-baby) and when I think about having it done again, I end up talking myself out of it by thinking of all the other things I could be spending that money on towards baby! But yes that certainly is one thing I really do miss as my hair bores me now.

Thirdly, I miss my social time. I was never a party girl or one to go out drinking every week. What I miss is just being able to call up my friends and saying "fancy a girly night in?" or go out for a quiet drink somewhere, or have a shopping spree without having to worry about feed times and nappy changes etc. My friends have always been important to me so I always try to make sure that I make the time to see or speak to them. But as all you other mommy's out there will know, it becomes a lot harder than you think when a baby is involved.

Fourthly, I miss the spending quality time with my boyfriend. Having quiet nights to ourselves without having to think of bottles to make up and settling off a baby etc. Being able to say "shall we go to the cinema tonight?" or "let's go out for a meal or nice drink somewhere". You can sometimes forget how important it is to remain that connection with your other half, as when you have a baby your mind is so focused on their needs you tend to forget about each others. But it is highly important to make sure that you still show one another the attention you did prior to baby. Me and my boyfriend always try to make sure we have an hour together at the end of the evening, when baby is fed and settled, to just talk or watch a bit of television, or just to simply lie there in each others company having some quiet time. Just to remind one another that things haven't changed and we are still the same two people we were before my baby boy came into the world.

The Fifth and final thing I miss, is working out. Now I say this last as it's not something I miss hugely, but it is something I used to enjoy doing. I used to go to a class called boogie bounce, which was a workout on trampets and then core training. I would also go swimming once a week and the gym here and there. Since having a baby you simply just do not have the time to do any of this. I did start going to a pole dancing lesson for core training, but that has took a backseat at the moment, however I do really want to get back into doing it as I truly did enjoy it. I am not yet at the weight I want to be after baby, but I am not in a rush or find it a major priority right now to focus on getting into shape. In time I am going to get back into but for now I am happy in just enjoying my time with little one.

So there you have it, the 5 things in which I miss since having my baby boy. But in saying all that, would I switch my life to not have baby so I could have all that back in my life? Easy - NO. I love my life now and becoming a Mom has truly changed me, and for the better. He is my whole world and I love knowing that I have someone there who solely relies on me to look after them and bring them up to the best I can. To see his little smile every morning and to have him snuggle right up to me when he is tired. His laughter and cries, watching as he develops and reaches different milestones. All of that I would miss a hell of a lot more than the things that I have stated above. Yes I am still human and from time to time it would be nice to still be able to do those things,but for the first time in a long time I can genuinely say I am happier than I have ever been and my life feels complete. I would certainly not trade that in for a single, baby free life!

What do you miss most since having a baby?

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Love Heather x

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  1. My girls are older....6 & 11 but I still miss being able to just going for a night out with my fella...Babysitters have to be booked and we plan the night out like a military Hence the reason we don't have many nights out together at
    Wouldn't change it for the world though x


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