Tuesday, 15 April 2014

Spending Ban (2nd Attempt)

So, it starts again. I tried to do a spending ban late last year but failed (miserably) and here I am, vouching that I will not spend a penny especially on items that include:
Un-necessary Food i.e. snacks, junk food, take aways etc.
Make-up including skincare and/or any form of Beauty products
Hair products
We’re going to Cornwall in May for a week and then Brighton in June and also hoping to go abroad in September too so I really need to start saving. Although I don’t earn a great amount, it’s enough to let me save some, if not all once the food, bills and petrol is taking out of the picture. I work during the week mainly so it’s going to be tough not to spend at weekends although we have a trip to the Zoo planned for Millie’s birthday which won’t count! 
Other things that I am allowing myself to spend on include items & presents for Millie’s 1st Birthday which is at the end of the Month and health essentials for myself and Millie. Any other items that Millie needs too will obviously be bought - just no treats for a while (hopefully she’ll be spoilt on her birthday anyway!)

I hope to do a quick update each week of the previous weeks spending on that I can keep on top of it all. I've found that one way of keeping on track of things is to make a note what I've bought and then make a note of when I pay it back - it's working so far! I do have credit card payments to pay off so I’ll have to work something out for those but for now, I’m trying my hardest to be good! Wish me luck! 
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