Friday, 21 March 2014

Wedding Guest Fashion

Okay, so… I need your help. I have a cousin’s wedding to attend in May but I need something to wear and I’m seriously struggling to find pick something! It’s an English/Indian wedding so it’s going to be full of colour and I want to make sure I wear something colourful too but not too much. 

Below are my top picks of dresses I’ve book marked and that I need to pick through and choose from! They’re all from Very apart from one that is from ChiChi (the Black/Ombre Dress) as they’ve got a huge selection of occasion wear dresses that are all a little different to high street shops! Also, most of them are from Collections such as Amy Childs, Kimberley Walsh etc so they’re not as available as high street dresses are so the chances that someone else rocks up in the same dress are slim… 

Wedding dresses

So, what do you think I should go with!? We’re there for the whole day so it needs to be something that can transition easily enough into the night time by either adding a blazer/jacket for the day and or adding a pop of colour on my lips etc… 

Let me know what you think!