Thursday 6 March 2014

The Vampire Diaries TAG

How did you discover the show?
I actually first saw it when I was at uni. It just always seemed to be on whenever I got into bed but I didn’t really know what was going on and at the time, I was a huge True Blood fan! It was early last year that I bought the box sets and watched them all in like 2 weeks! I was completely hooked! 
Who is your favourite character?
Ah this is a toughie. I really like Rebecca but I know she isn’t in it now so I’m not sure if she counts!? Maybe Damon too, obviously. Oh and I loved Ric. So gutted they killed him off! 
If you were a vampire, would you live off human or animal blood?
Human blood. Defo. But i’d be like Caroline and learn to control it! I don’t think I could deal with killing people all the time...
Team Stefan or Damon?
Damon! All the way! I do love Stefan but hes not as ballsy as Damon and also not as hot. Damon is just, phoooooar!!! 
What’s your favourite supernatural power?
They’re all pretty good and I wouldn’t turn any of them down but if I had to have one… Immortality, like Klaus. Imagine not being able to die AND being a vampire!? Haha! Im a little obsessed. 
If you were to be a character who would you be?
Elena. She gets all the men! I wouldn’t be fanning around with Stefan though, you’d find me in Damon’s bed. All day. Every day. 
Have you read the book series?
No and now ive seen most of the series I don’t think I could read them now although book versions of things always seem to be better! 
Who’s your crush on the show?
Damon (if you hadn’t already noticed)! 
What was your initial thought of the show and did it change after you saw it?
I thought that it may be a little bit like Twilight but its really nothing like it! If youve never seen it, you really have to! Theres something in it for everyone, not just a soppy storyline! 
Who is your favourite villain?
Damon. Ha! Although Klaus was a bit of a badass too! 

Are you a fan of The Vampire Diaries? Leave your tags if you do this! 
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  1. I LOVE Vampire Diaries! I definitely need to do this post, I'm team Damon too :)

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  2. I've done it hun! love vampire diaries :-) x


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