Monday 17 March 2014

OOTD: Orange, Green & White

I’m still going… Are you proud?! More importantly, I hope you’re enjoying my OOTD posts! If you missed the one from last week, you can see it here
Happy St. Patricks Day! 

I’m loving bold colours at the moment but finding colours that go together rather than clash is hard when the weather is so up and down! I find that if you’re wearing dull things on a bright day, you seem boring but then when you wear something like this on a rainy day - you get proper funny looks. Boo you England and your shitty, unpredictable weather. Although, this outfit does make me look like a human version of the Irish flag, so it works well - just for today! Potato. 
OOTD St Patricks Day
St Patricks Day Outfit
St Patricks Day Outfit
Orange Blazer - Primark
Long sleeved top - Primark
Green trousers - Topshop
White Sandals - New Look 
Necklace - Primark
Lipstick - MAC Honeylove
Bag - Topshop 

 photo loveemma_zpsbbf2913e.png


  1. I'd never think to try such a bright green and orange together but I actually think it looks really nice! I need to get a little braver with colour!X

  2. You look fab lovely! Love this outfit!!! xxx
    Style of Colours

  3. Of all your outfit posts so far, this is my favourite. It's such a flattering combo and the colours are great! You look so grown up and sophisticated even in the bright colours!

    Amy xx

  4. Lovely use of colour blocking. Really suits you x


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