Tuesday 11 March 2014

Degustabox Review

Degustabox is a monthly food box subscription that contains between 10 & 15 foodie products for you to try and enjoy. It has a range of treats from sauces, breakfasts, biscuits and drinks coming from popular companies we all know and love and also smaller companies that you may not know so much about. 

I’ve found that February’s Degustabox is full of treats and healthier snacks rather than meal ingredients although you can use a few of the items to create some yummy meals! The box comes at the end of each month so just as you’ve ran out of all the goodies in your cupboards, you get this little beauty to fill them back up again! 

I love the whole aspect of opening the box to see what’s inside and what I can make with the ingredients! The whole surprise of it all is what I think makes these sort of boxes so good! Take a look at what has been in previous Degustaboxes here and you can also find some delicious recipes to make using ingredients from previous boxes or things that you may already have at home.

English Provender Company Damsen & Port Chutney RRP £1.99
English Provender Company Redcurrant & Rosemary Sauce* RRP £1.69
Soreen Toastie Malt loaf RRP approx. £1.00
Soreen Banana snack bars RRP approx. £1.49
Scheckters Original Energy drink RRP £1.35
Scheckters Lite Energy drink RRP £1.35
Bahslen Pick up Bars RPP approx. £1.78
Bahslen Waffle chocolates
Tyrrells Apple Crisps RRP approx. £0.80
Tyrrells Cinnamon Apple Crisps RRP approx. £0.80
Ryvita Sweet Chilli thins RRP approx. £1.89
Ryvita Cheddar & Cracked pepper thins RRP approx. £1.89
Peppadew mild Piquante Peppers* RRP £2.99

An approximate total of over £20.00 so you’re getting well over your moneys worth! 

These boxes are great if you’re on a diet as a lot of things that come are low calorie or healthier alternatives to favourite foods and snacks. You can get your Degustabox and use my code 49W64 for £3.00 off your order! 

 photo loveemma_zpsbbf2913e.png
*PR Sample  Degustabox

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