Wednesday 5 March 2014

Bobbi Brown Makeup Manual

You may just be starting out at dabbling in makeup or you might be a self obsessed junkie (probably the latter), no matter which - this book is going to have almighty relevance in the place of your make-up stash. I’ve never really read a beauty book before but getting this for Christmas has spurred me on to want to read more! 

This Bobbi Brown Makeup Manual has all the hints and tips you need to learn to do your makeup like a pro. With over 200 colour photos, step by step guides and basic facts about skincare and prep - there is something in here for everyone, even if you think you know everything! There are also tips from the 25 year pro on how to start up your MUA business and the best way to go about doing so.

The contents cover the following:
Makeup Artistry - a brief insight to being a MUA
Equipment - having the right brushes, tools, kits for various occasions and life of products
Skin - covers the vitamins your skin needs, the things that effect the skin and the basis of using skincare products
Face - going over the right corrector/concealer, foundation, powder, tans/bronzers, blush and skin conditions to recognise
Lips - colours and different application techniques
Eyes - how to groom eyebrows, basic eyeshadow application, eyeliner and mascara and a few ‘how-to' eye looks
Ten step guide to the perfect makeup 
Special makeup applications - Do’s and don’ts of makeup application, pregnancy makeup and ‘bad day’ makeup
Artistry - advice for MUA’s and career opportunities 
Esssential equipment for the professional - the best things to use to stock up your professional kit
Advanced makeup applications  - photography and working with different faces
Memorable makeup moments and legends - the history of makeup 

Bobbi Brown Makeup Manual

I’ve gained some really useful tips from reading this book such as combination skin such as mine requires a mild cleanser and a dense moisturiser to balance out the oils and dryness, for a lighter foundation application mix foundation with face lotion - perfect for summer and finally use a ‘corrector’ to cover blemishes and a ‘concealer’ to lighten under eye circles - there is a difference between them!
If you want to fill your head with more makeup filled madness and learn some very handy tips on applying makeup, or… if you’re studying to become a MUA and want to learn more in-depth tips on the best things for different skins and people, then this book is definitely worth a purchase! If you just want to flick through and look at all the pretty pictures or if you’re not much of a reader, i’d probably recommend looking at something else because this is full of tips and tricks and not so much pages and pages of images (apart from at the end)! Some of the makeup at the end is amazing and i’d love to be able to recreate some of it one day! You can buy it here for £16.75

Have you read this makeup manual before? Do you have any other recommendations of makeup books!? 

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  1. I love the look of this book! I bought it for a friend a few years ago for her birthday but secretly wanted it myself..
    My favourite make-up book is NYLON Pretty. It's a bit different to this and more an inspiration book. I'm thinking of doing a blogpost on it soon :) Sophie Clare

  2. I have this book and really love it, flick through it often.

    Vanessa xx


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