Monday 3 February 2014

Pregnancy; Would I do it again!?

Today’s post is a Mummy based post and it’s all about pregnancy, labour and parenthood in general. We’re forever getting asked if we’d have another one so i’m going to give my answer and explanations as to why.
“Would you have another baby?!”
Well… to keep it short, not yet. 

Having a baby

So, to start off i’ll explain why going from the pregnancy to labour to being a Mom.
My pregnancy with Millie wasn’t the worst and I actually really enjoyed being pregnant, minus the lack of alcohol, the restrictions on food, the uncomfortableness pretty much every day, the lack of sleep etc etc. But I loved my bump and was so sad to see it go but obviously you get to the 36/37 week point and you’re willing your baby to make an appearance! I was never physically sick but felt nauseous on a daily basis in the first trimester and was really tired and lethargic all the time! I suffered with chronic heartburn too which, if you’ve never had heartburn - consider yourself lucky! So as for symptoms and pregnancy stuff, that was pretty much it. 
Then the labour. I posted an in depth story of my birth here but just to give you a quick idea here’s what happened… 

I was having contractions through the night but not really realising that they were contractions
7:30am - Adam goes to work and I get myself into the bath to try and ease the pain
8:30am - Still in the bath so call the midwife, explain what’s going on and she gave me the good old ‘paracetamol and bath’ antidote. I snapped telling her I was IN the bath and had already taken 2 paracetamol and they never did anything…
9:15am - I call Adam to tell him i’m having contractions and that he needs to come home
9:30-12:30 - I waded it out at home doing anything possible to sit through the contractions having to wait until they were coming every 5 minutes. As soon as they were 5 minutes apart we headed to the hospital! All I can remember from that morning is watching Made in Chelsea and kneeling on the settee trying to cope…
1:30pm - Arrived at the hospital after being stuck in traffic for 45 minutes, was checked & was only 1cm dilated. Luckily, they let us stay because of the traffic but I was on the ward then until 8:15pm! 
8:30pm - 4cm dilated so moved up to delivery thinking we’d be meeting baby soon…
7am - Still in delivery, still no baby & contractions had slowed. I had to be checked so they knew baby’s position, they took some blood from her head too to check the oxygen levels and then realised that she hadn’t dropped down enough. She wasn’t coming out naturally! I tried pushing but with an epidural, I couldn’t feel anything and I had no ‘urge’ to push!

From this point on it’s all a blur really, everything happened so fast but they took me to theatre within 45 minutes of doing the final checks and tried a ventouse but it ended up with an emergency c-section. Something that I really never wanted! 

So as you can see from that brief explanation, labour wasn’t the smoothest or shortest of times and this is one of the main contributors to not wanting another baby, just yet. 
Another thing and probably the main point from them all is the fact that ITS HARD WORK BEING A MOM! We had a rough first 3 months with Millie. She wouldn’t sleep in the day, she developed colic and we just really struggled with sleep and feeding etc. We were knackered to put it straight! I see babies that fall asleep on their play mats or highchairs or bouncers and I envy them! Millie NEVER fell asleep anywhere other than on us and then it was a risk putting her into her moses basket because she’d wake up. 

It’s so hard to explain in what way it’s handwork but if you’re a Mom, you’ll understand. If you’re not, consider yourself lucky! I would love for Millie to have a baby brother or sister but no time soon. I mean, not for at least 5 or 6 years. Imagine going through all of that ^ but adding in another little person! No. Thank. You. Adam feels the same if not stronger on the ‘no’ rather than ‘not yet’. 

Everyone’s views are different and that’s just mine so tell me, have you just had a baby? Do you want another one!? 


  1. I loved reading this!
    I was quite lucky with everything really. I went into hospital at 9.30am and he was born at 12.25pm! Crazy quick! I only really had heartburn when pregnant (awful isn't it?!) so I was pleased I didn't get sickness like a lot of people.
    But even straight after labour when I was laying there with Mason I was asked if I'd do it again and I said 'in a heartbeat'. I definitely plan to have another but I want to wait til Mason is at school first. I totally agree with you, being a mum is HARD WORK!
    Great post and your baby is a cutie!

    Jenn | PhotoJennic


    1. I’m jealous that you were quick with it all - I was wishing mine to be over before it began haha! I’m just not ready to loose all the sleep and have the pain of it all again, yet.


  2. My son's nearly 4 now - I couldn't walk very well throughout a lot of my pregnancy and then towards the end I found out that he was unwell and would need surgery soon after birth - The birth itself went wrong and I got quite poorly too - I didn't get to take my baby home for the first month of his life - And then I did a lot of it alone. Was tough, heck still is, toddlers/pre-schoolers aren't easy either.

    I would like another baby, though, despite a lot of things against me. My fiance and I both have a child from a previous relationship but it'd be nice to have a child together to complete our family plus I have wanted a second for some time now. But as to when it'll ever be ok, who knows - I don't want to leave it too long, my son will already be more likely 5 or 6 if we did and I always wanted him to be younger. Tis difficult to make all of these decisions, isn't it xx

    1. Oh my, sounds like you had a rough old journey! I would like another one but like you, I just can’t put myself through it just yet! I sometimes think that it might be worth just letting the decisions speak for themselves!


  3. such a lovely post! I always wonder about giving birth, the pain etc, and getting it from someone who has gone through it, and doesn't miss out on things is really nice to read. still something I'm too scared to consider just yet!!!

    1. It is worth it, in the end (9 months in…) but its definitely something to think long and hard about as you can’t change your mind once you’re pregnant!


  4. Hard work, certainly hun. And you're right, add in multiple kids it gets mega tricky. I have had mine all quite close together and to say it's been graft is an understatement I don't regret it but I'm glad I am done now and if I'd ave taken time to actually think about it I amt have stayed at 1. Thank god I didn't. I never wanna be pregnant again. That's the worst part for me. I love my kids more than anything but 3 is enough for me haha . You have to do what u have to do. When I had just had Jacob it was such a shock I think I was gunna just stick with him. Once u go from 1 to 2 and have mastered juggling, 3 comes without a problem xx

    1. I honestly don’t know how you do it / did it! I struggle on days with Millie let alone 3 of them! As much as it would help if I had another and just got it over with, I literally can’t bring myself ti have another anytime soon xx

  5. It's definitly hard work being a mum. I think some people feel that it's such a breeze but it really isn't. I envy the mums that make it look so easy. I would love to know their secrets! I have 2 girls with a 5 year age gap, one is 7 the other is 2 and I have to say I found it to be the perfect age gap as Aurora was old enough to help me out with the little things when Ophelia was born. I would like to have a 3rd but still not for a few years yet so when it does come to that time, we'll have a talk.
    Just concentrate on enjoying her at the moment, the time flies so quickly. I just wish they'd stay small that teeny bit longer x


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