Wednesday 26 February 2014

Vita Liberata Tinted Tan Mousse Review

When it comes to Fake Tan, I’m a bit of a wimp. It never seems to end up the way I want or I get big, fat streaks and blotches around my knees and ankles so when I do apply it, it’s like praying for a miracle. 

I went out Saturday for the first time in months and wanted to make an effort so, I opened up the stash of tan that’s hidden under my dressing table and come across 2 bottles of Vita Liberata that we got in our East Mids Meet Up Goodie bags! I opted for the Mousse as it developed over 4-6 hours so by the time we were out, it would be how I wanted it! 
I bathed in the morning and gave my legs a good exfoliating and moisturised with St Moriz Body Lotion beforehand (although Vita Liberata tans don’t recommend you moisturise, my skin is really dry at the moment so I wanted to avoid blotches!). I waited an hour or so before applying so that the lotion had properly sank into my skin. I used a Vita Liberata Tanning mitt (£4.00 here) to apply the mousse and started on my legs in circular motions. 
When applying, it goes on slightly green - which had me worried! I thought it may have been off but once blended, it was just a slighter darker colour to my skin. I buffed it all out so it was all even and applied a little more lotion to my ankles and knees to stop that horrible patchiness from happening! Within about an hour, you could already see the development and it had applied perfectly! There is no heavy, nasty smell which is good but they could make it smell nice! 

Before                           After 
You can see the difference in the above picture from before and after - I did try and get the lighting the same in both pictures. This was about 2 hours after I had applied too! The photo above that is of the tan yesterday after a shower. It still remains and has only gone slightly patchy on areas like my ankles, feet and back of my knees! I did my legs and chest area as my arms were covered and there is still about 70% left in the bottle! 

For £22.50 this is one of the more expensive tans on the market but it is completely worth it! I felt that it applied generously and smoothly and didn’t leave any patches once applied. There is no strong smell and it didn’t stain any clothing once I had applied. You can buy it from Boots here and take advantage of their 3 for 2 offer that’s on health and beauty or from Vita Liberata Online.

Have you tried any Vita Liberata Tans? 
*Product was gifted 


  1. sounds like a lovely tan and leaves a lovely colour

  2. wow the results are amazing! you skin looks lovely <3


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