Thursday 20 February 2014

Canvas Designs Review

Everyone loves to have a range of photographs pinned on the wall, don’t they!? Well I know I do! Since having Millie, we’ve put pictures up everywhere and in her room she has a few little frames hung on the wall to make a boring spare room look more like a little girls bedroom. Because we can’t decorate how we’d like to (we rent) using photographs and canvas’s does this for us without any hard work! 
Canvas Design is one of the UK’s original canvas printing companies specialising in making custom Canvas Prints at an affordable price. Frames start at 6inches and go all the way up to 40inches and our pricing ranges from £7.99 - £39.99. 

The quality of the canvass is amazing! Rather than a rough, paper-ish texture that you get with cheaper canvass, these are more of a tough, tight fabric and the picture quality is brilliant! Obviously, the better quality image you use, the better quality of canvas but I imagine that even a picture taken on an iPhone would come up good when put on one of these canvass! 

canvas designs review
I was very generously offered the chance to review these canvas’s and I sent across 2 pictures for Loren  to choose from and to surprise me. When the delivery turned up she had sent them both! I was super shocked and couldn’t believe she had been generous enough to send me 2! They are both incredible and we’ve put one up in our room and one in Millie’s. 

If you have a space on the wall that needs filling, why not take a look at Canvas Designs? Make a collage of recent pictures or get your favourite quote canvased and make something of it! DISCOUNT CODE: Use the code 93HEXWF35U and get 10% off your complete order or BLOG15 if you’re a blogger to get 15% off your next order! 

Have you got any canvas’s in your house? I’d love to see them if you have! 
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  1. Awww they're really good! I have one canvas in my bedroom of me and all my friends at one of them cheesy photo shoot things haha. It's cheesy but I like cheese ha xxx

    -Sarah Speaks

  2. Such cute photo's and the canvas' look brilliant quality too! :)

    Helen x

  3. A great post. This focuses almost exclusively on designers/visual media. Thanks for share your Incredibly beautiful post with all.


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