Thursday 9 January 2014

My Birthday

Hi everyone! So I’m finally back after taking a little break from all things blogging (other than spending money of course…) and I feel so refreshed and ready to start writing posts again with a lot more enthusiasm than what I had towards the end of the year in 2013. 

As most of you will know, I turned 24 on December 29th and because I had already scheduled some posts to go up between then and New Year, I never really got chance to blog about my birthday, what I did etc. So, here is a belated post about my birthday! 

The day started the best way possible with a Breakfast of Eggs Benedict with Parma Ham and opening my presents with Millie ended up in her eating most of the envelopes! 

We went out for lunch to a lovely country pub set in Repton (just outside of Derby) where they had put balloons on the table and wished me ‘Happy Birthday’ as soon as we were seated! The food was absolutely incredible and the setting was just as impressive! I went for the Beer Battered Cod & Chips with Mushy Peas and Tartar Sauce and Adam had a 10oz Steak with Chips and one massive Onion ring. Millie obviously helped herself to our chips and had some fish too but I couldn’t finish my dinner, I barely ate half of it! It was SO BIG!! 

They also came out at the end of the meal with a platter that had Happy Birthday written in Raspberry coulee with Vanilla and Honeycomb Ice cream which was such a lovely gesture! If you’re ever over this way, be sure to check out The Bulls Head. 

I didn’t get many presents on my actual Birthday but I did get a pair of Nike Blazers and a PaperChase Organiser off Adam and 2 Disney DVD’s off Millie. The rest of my family gave me money, I got Katie Price’s Autobiography, a Paul and Joe Makeup bag and Lauren Conrad Beauty book off my parents and then a bomb cosmetics set off my Auntie so I did do pretty well considering it was only 4 days after Christmas! 

I spent some of my birthday money on the gorgeous YSL Lipstick you can see hiding in the above picture so keep your eyes peeled for a post dedicated to that little beauty! 

Thank you to everyone that wished me a Happy Birthday! I had a lovely day and still trying to figure out what to spend my money on! 

 photo loveemma_zpsbbf2913e.png


  1. Happy Belated Birthday, hope you had a fantastic day!

    I love the smell of the skin tonic, it is amazing. I love the cleanse & polish but I'm more of a balm girl.

    Beth | BethBlogsBeauty

  2. looks like an absolutely brilliant day! the food looks so good! x


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