Sunday, 19 January 2014

Bought, Did, Tried #2

This week hasn’t really been too exciting. We’re trying to get Millie into a new routine as when we put her to bed at night, she wakes after an hour or so of being asleep so, we’ve started to let her nap from 9-9:30am ish and then a big nap around 12-2:30pm and that way when it comes to bedtime, she’s ready for bed and not over tired. It seems to be going well so fingers crossed it lasts! 

I nipped into Boots yesterday and I was actually looking for some hair products knowing I was about to get my hair done. I did pick up 2 things - Mark Hill’s Heat Protection Spray (£5.99) and Volume spray (£5.99) as well as a few cheeky beauty bits including 2 Nail Rock Wraps that were only £1.50 each, A No7 Eyeshadow stick (£4.50), Healthy Mix Foundation (£9.99) and the Clubbing Mascara (£7.99) from Boujois as it was buy one, get one half price. 
 If you follow me on Instagram or Twiter, you will have seen this already but I had my hair chopped! A good 4 inches came off my hair as it was in dyer need of a good styling and to remove all the dead ends from having it permed (FYI, DON’T perm your hair!). I had it done by John at Toni & Guy in Burton on Trent and it was coloured by Stuart and I absolutely LOVE it! It’s the first time i’ve ever had a haircut in Toni & Guy and although it isn’t cheap, it’s definitely worth it and i’ll definitely be going back! (Cut, Colour, Blow dry & Treatment £97.00)
 I got this Nail Polish from the Clothes Show in my Models Own Goodie bag and have only just used it. I thought it was going to be quite a heavy layering of the crystals but it took me about an hour to get my nails how I wanted them by wiping the brush onto some paper then sticking the individual pieces onto my nails. If I didn’t do it this way, it wasn’t giving a heavy enough coating! I’m not impressed but it killed an hour of my night so I can’t complain and I love the way my nails look now! 
On Thursday, I took Millie to her first Mothers and Toddlers group. I actually went down to get her weighed but I went on the wrong day so instead of just going home, we went into the group that was already running. She interacted with a few children then kept coming to me so I took her into the sensory room where there were only 2 other children and she loved it. We went back into the main room to sing some songs but she was clambering onto me so we left early. I think she was just overwhelmed by the amount of people and noise etc so i’m going to try taking her to the baby group tomorrow where the age is up to 12 months rather than 5 years old. 
What did you get up to this week!?