Thursday 29 January 2015

Slimming World Eats: Meal Ideas

Is it nearly weigh day?
I'm sharing some quick, easy, simple and delicious meal ideas with you so if you’re loosing your appetite because you’re living off boring meat and veg dinners then have no fear! So, if you’re struggling for ideas if what to eat, take a look at some of things i’ve been tucking into this week! 
 Smoked Mackerel, Brown rice, Peas and 2 Boiled Eggs - I scraped the yolk out of one of the eggs before I started eating so I only had 1 yolk and 2 whites. I put the Mackerel in the microwave for 30 seconds just so it warms through, Tilda microwavable rice (syn) from a night in the week but I pop any left over into little tubs and pop them into the freezer *don’t waste food*.
 Salmon Fishcake on a bed of egg noodles and shredded carrot with a poached egg - I love Tesco Salmon fishcakes (3.5 syns) and they’re so filling but be careful what you serve them with as they’re quite stodgy! This kept me full until dinner!
 Homemade Quorn Curry with brown rice - I made this from scratch...
100g Quorn Pieces
150g Carrots, Broccoli, Sugar Snap Peas, Green beans or any veg you want
1 tbsp Tomato Puree
1tbsp Curry powder
1 tbsp Cumin
250ml Vegetable stock 
Cook off the Quorn and add veg and cook for about 5 minutes on a medium heat. Add in the curry powder. tomato puree and cumin then add stock and simmer for 15 minutes. Drain off any excess water and serve. 
Chicken & Chorizo wrap with Salad & Olives - Using a wholemeal wrap (HEx B) Oven cook your chicken rather than frying it, add any sort of salad and chorizo (syn) if you want then I added a tbsp of Nandos sauce (0.5 syns) to give it a kick!
I hope you’ve had some inspiration from my meal ideas but make sure you follow me on Instagram as I post all the tasty stuff on there too! And be sure to go across to my My fitness Pal page and add me as a friend on there too! 


  1. Nom Nom Nom, I need to find a good, low-cal fishcake recipe. There's a little deli/cafe around the corner from me that does fishcakes made with rice, now with potato, so they're lighter and actually really yummy, I need to find a recipe to make something similar as I'm following WeightWatchers and normal old fishcakes wrack up the points big time. I fell off the wagon last week too though, we went to Edinburgh for husband's 40th birthday and drank all of the wine, and ate all of the food. Weirdly... I came back and I'd lost weight, whilst he had gained 2lbs (pulls smug face) x

    1. I meant NOT with potato!

    2. Ooh, I come across one the other day but cannot for the life of me remember where it was - i’ll see if i can hunt it down for you! And when it’s special occasions, i think you’re allowed a treat or two ;) But that’s always a bonus when you loose weight without trying!


  2. Yum... I definitely want to try making the quorn curry! It looks delicious x


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