Thursday, 16 January 2014

Fiorelli Handbag

When it comes to handbags and bags in general, I’m a bit shit because I’ve never got the right sort of bag for the right sort of occasion. I never have a suitable bag for ‘just nipping to the shop’ and I don’t have an ‘evening bag’ to take out if we go out for dinner. I have a few favourites but they’re all a bit battered now and like I said, not really suitable for certain things. 
Fiorelli have such a huge variety of bags including handbags, shoulder bags and clutches and when I had this baby off my parents for Christmas, I was so happy!  

 I always think a Black Handbag is every girls best friend as it goes with literally anything, it’s the perfect size to fit all the essentials in and space for a little more too! I can fit my purse, my filofax, my makeup bag, wipes, a Scaredoo brush, headphones, business card holder and a few other bits in mine without it looking or feeling bulky! 

The inside has the Fiorelli print and on the zips is a cute little detail. The feel of the bag is so sturdy and it is really good quality too! It’s the perfect size for taking shopping but you could also get away with it for dinner with friends as it’s subtle and like I said, not too bulky! 

It’s gone everywhere with me since I got it Christmas day so it really is the Perfect Handbag! You can buy it here for £35.00 or pop into your local Debenhams.

Have you got a Fiorelli bag!? 
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