Wednesday 4 December 2013

What’s Millie Doing? #6

WOW! It’s December already! When did THAT happen!? 7 months ago I was preparing myself to give birth, to welcome a new little life into the world and now, i’m preparing to spend our First Christmas as a family! 

It’s completely overwhelming to think last year I was saying ‘next year we’ll have a baby’ and it was really hard to imagine it but looking back, it’s really hard to imagine Millie not being here! She’s really starting to develop into a little girl now - her personality is starting to show, she loves to giggle and crawl about and is excited for Santa to come (i’m sure of it!). 

  • She is happily sleeping in her own room now and will go to bed around 7:00/7:30pm, have a dream feed (which were hoping to drop out soon) at 10:30pm then wake up around 8am!
  • She has started to have crumpets and more substantial bits of food this month. She will munch on toast and egg, beans and pretty much anything we give her! She loves eating! 
  • She has 3 7oz bottles during the day including breakfast and dinner which is solid food.
  • She is now crawling properly. Shell follow us out of the room or crawl towards something she wants. This only really started this weekend so she was 28 weeks! 
  • She’s also found her feet and will do anything to stand up! As you can see from some of the photos, she props herself up on most things - her bouncer being the favourite but she also topples over as quick as she’s up! I think we may have an early walker on our hands...
  • She’s in size 6-9 month clothes although some of the baby grows are still a little big for her and a few cardigans and jumpers we have are 9-12 months so we can put a layer on underneath. 
  • Shes still in size 3 nappies.
  • CBeebies and Mickey’s Clubhouse DVD have been my saviours this month. When I was organising the meet up, I had so much to do and this just kept her entertained for a few hours a day. She loves Sarah and Duck and Ra Ra at the moment! 
  •  Shes now figured out that she can scream really high and when she wants something, shell do this to get it! Its so annoying!! 
  • She also loves to climb! If Adam is on the floor, she’ll be climbing all over him within seconds! Also on the sofa’s and if you saw the video of her watching the TV upside down and nearly falling off…  You’ll know what I mean! 
  • The Christmas tree went up this weekend and she has been so good and hasnt really been bothered by it! I think because there are so many other distractions, she goes for them instead! 

  • You can see how much she’s changing just from these photos and i’m really enjoying her company at the moment - she keeps me entertained through the day and I enjoy playing with her and making her laugh! This is the stage i’d be happy to have any child at but anything before… No thanks! 

    I hope if you have children, you enjoy Christmas as much as we will! 

     photo loveemma_zpsbbf2913e.png

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    1. So cute in her fluffy dressing gown, lovely age, as they become more interested in things :)


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