Saturday 28 December 2013

Teeny Sale Haul

I went shopping today in the hope of grabbing myself a few bargains! I picked a terrible place to go though as Tamworth's Ventura Park gets ridiculously busy at weekends and the shops don’t seem to stock the best selection of items! There is a Boots that never really seem to have any of the good stuff in, a H&M which is relatively new, an Outfit that never has my size in things, a River Island which is the only good shop for me, a Next, New Look, Matalan and a few more retail shops and supermarkets. 

Luckily today, we were quite early so managed to get a proper look into the stores and I managed to bag myself a few bargains! 

Origins Merry Moisturisers Giftset - Boots was £29.00 now £19.66
Soap and Glory ‘Some like it Hot’ Body Scrub - Boots was £8.00 now £4.00
Angel Print Over sized T-Shirt - River Island was £22.00 now £12.00
Roman Numerals Silk Printed Over sized T-Shirt - River Island was £20.00 now £10.00
Bear Printed Over sized Silk T-Shirt - River Island was £20.00 now £10.00
Lime Green Midi Skirt - River Island was £20.00 now £5.00
Black Pleat Maxi Skirt - New Look was £14.99 now £8.00
Cream Pleat Maxi skirt - New Look was £14.99 now £6.00

All the T-shirts from River Island are 2 sizes bigger than I would normally have chosen but because they’re oversized, I don’t really think it’s too big of a deal and they don’t look that big anyway! With a pair of leggings and leather jacket, I think they’re the perfect comfy day combo! 

Have you picked up any bargains in the sale yet!? 

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  1. Those are some great steals, especially the Origins one!

  2. ahhhh i love that bear t-shirt! x


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