Sunday 22 December 2013

Sunday Summary

So, 22 days into Blogmas and the 4th Sunday of Advent, let me tell you a little about what’s happened this week…

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Monday I had an interview back in my home town so after a really bad night with Millie, I dropped her off at my Mums, did a little bit of shopping and then went to my interview. I then went and took Christmas presents to Heather and her little one who is now 4 weeks old! 

Tuesday I had a bit of a lazy day which I hoped would allow me to get some uni work done but that never happened. I got a new chest of drawers for the bedroom so I spent most of the day putting these up and then playing with Millie. 

Wednesday I got called back in for a 2nd interview so I dropped Millie off at my Mum and Dads again and went there and then spent a little bit of time at my parents house as they were wrapping presents! It was pretty special seeing behind the scenes of all my Christmases! 

Thursday Was boring again. Just chilled out, sorted some final bits in the bedroom which is now completely finished - thank god and just had a comfy day watching Christmas films with Millie. 

Friday Unless we have the car, we don’t really do much and this week Adam had to have the car so we took advantage of not having to do anything. I managed to get my hair washed - I say ‘managed’ because it takes about 2 hours to shower and wash it, then comb it and dry it and straighten it and with a baby, it’s pretty impossible to do the first two! We then went to the doctors because Millie has some nasty nappy rash so needed a stronger cream for it and then I had a night in alone watching Text Santa drinking port as Adam went out. 

Saturday I popped into town early in the morning to go to the bank and pick a little something up for Christmas Day for Adam to enjoy ;) and also managed to get myself a black fluffy jumper (which Adam bought me due to coming in absolutely hammered Friday night and failing to find the bedroom door 3 times to go to the toilet…)

Sunday Today we’re off for Lunch and are having a good clean up of the flat so it’s all neat and tidy for Christmas and the chaos and mess that’s going to bring! 

I’ve been drinking a lot of tea, listening to a lot of Christmas songs and eating lots of Chocolate this week. Tis the season and all that… 

What have you done this week!? 

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