Saturday, 14 December 2013

Kardashian Beauty

I’m a sucker for a good palette. Whether it’s a well known one, a favourite or a hidden gem… I’m always willing to take one into my little home and give it the love it needs.

I was browsing through Cloud10beauty as I had a £5.00 to use which was generously given for my #EastMidsMeetUp goodie bags and initially, I wanted to get the Celestial palette from Sleek but then these beauties caught my eye! 

I’ve seen the old ‘Khroma’ palettes on Cloud10Beauty before but they were always sold out so I told myself that when they were back in stock, i’d be buying one! I love all 3 variations but I have so many neutral colours (which is Kim’s palettes main focus) that I wanted to get Khloes or Kourtneys which are a little more varied and contain colour. ‘Khroma’ has now been changed to ‘Kardashian Beauty’ exactly the same just a different name and this is what got me browsing their collection. They had a few pop ups in the side bar and as I clicked through, I couldn’t not buy one. Or two. 

 No flash

 No flash

Khloe’s Palette (Blue) has a reddish / brown theme to her shadows containing 3 mattes and 5 shimmers as the first whiter shadow comes out quite shimmery, rather than matte and the 3 blush are quite shimmery too - the highlighter is amazing and you don’t need a lot but we all know the Kardiashian girls love their contour and highlighting! All of the shades are really pigmented (sorry I haven’t included swatches, the light when taking this photo was REALLY bad which is why i’ve included flash and no flash versions of the shadows) and the one’s I’ve used have lasted pretty well through the day too! I think Khloe’s is definitely my favourite of the two and I find myself reaching for it daily. 

Kourtney’s Palette (Yellow) is what I see to be a little more girly with a selection of gold, silvery and pink/purple shades and they are all shimmers. The pink blush of the 3 given is brighter than Khloe’s but goes with the shadows perfectly. The highlighter is also ALOT brighter and more white than cream so again, you really don’t need a lot but I find this perfect for inner tear ducts and a more highlighted brow bone. This palette is the perfect party palette and the size of them even means they’re suitable to pop in your clutch and take out with you! 

You can buy these palettes on Cloud10Beauty for £15.95 including Kims and you can receive 10% off your first order when you make an account with them! If you’re looking for a small but stylish palette to add to your collection then I really recommend you try one of the Kardashian Beauty Palettes! 

Who will you pick!? 

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