Friday 20 December 2013

Favourite Perfumes

I’m not a huge obsessive when it comes to perfumes but I do have my favourites. I seemed to have gained the same sort of taste as my Mum after growing up smelling her perfumes that consisted of Cerrutti 1881, Chanel, Ghost and Dolce and Gabbana Blue. My all time favourite is Cerrutti because of her! 

I’ve got Lolita Lempika eau de Parfum on my Christmas list but it seems pretty impossible to find so I hope Santa can work his magic and bring me a bottle! 

Cerrutti 1881 30ml - £14.50 here 
Heart Notes Jasmine
Top notes Freesia
Base notes Sandalwood 
An all round floral and feminine scent which I think can be worn day and night without too much of an overpowering smell. The bottle is super easy to use and looks gorgeous on show too! A must have for any perfume lover! 

Diesel Loverdose 30ml - £24.99 here
Heart Notes Liquorice and Vanilla
Top notes Manderin and Star Anise
Base notes Dry woods
This is quite a spicy scent but can still be worn in the day. I tend to reach this if I want a stronger but obvious scent but again. can be worn of a night time too! 

Agatha Ruiz de la Prada Love Love Love 30ml (no longer available in UK)
Heart Notes Jasmine and Rose
Top notes Bergamont and Manderin
Base notes Sandalwood and Musk
Definitely one to be worn in the day and more of a summery/spring fragrance too! Unfortuntely, you can’t buy this anywhere in the UK now and I think I actually bought it from Duty free a few years back too! I do love this fragrance though, it’s subtle and sweet! 

What are your favourite perfumes?! 

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