Thursday 5 December 2013

#EastMidsMeetUp - The Day

As I mentioned in the Goodie Bag version of this post, I stupidly forgot my camera on the day of my meet up so I don’t have many good quality photos but i’ll fill you in on the day anyway! 
I wanted to organise a meet up for bloggers that lived locally to myself in and around the East Midlands area. As so many events are either in Birmingham or London, the spaces are taken up by travelling to them and not by the people that live near by so this enabled the smaller bloggers to all meet and get to know each other a little more personally that any other bigger event. 

We met in Westfields Derby and waited for everyone to arrive before each picking a name who would then be our Secret Santa. We each had £3-£5 limit of what to buy our Secret Santa and it meant that we’d be able to get to know each other a little better having to guess what they would like. Everyone then dwindled off into their little groups and went shopping! I stayed with Megan and Harriet for most of the day and bumped into a few bloggers on our travels. We stopped off at Boots, Lush, Zara, River Island and a few more places and it was Lush that I hoped to get my Secret Santa present from. The sue was HUGE but I finally managed to get a FUN bar in the limited edition GOLD so I hope Anna liked it! 

We then met back up at Primark around 3pm and made our way to Fat Cat Cafe where we were seated and all ordered drinks. I laid out all the goodie bags, secret santa presents, lucky dip prizes and cupcakes and got a well deserved cocktail (or 2) myself! I gave out the Secret Santa gifts and everyone loved them - phew! I also handed out the cupcakes but everyone was under strict orders not to open the boxes until I said… 

We were then joined by Hannah and Filiz from Hot House PR who work with St Moriz and they came to chat to us all about top tanning tips and also other companies that they work with. It was great to hear  some PR advice face to face rather than just through email and it was so nice to meet some of the people that us bloggers liase with on a day to day basis. So thank you both for coming! 
We then ate starters (of who had them) and then mains. I ordered Beer Battered Fish and Chips with Mushy Peas and it was AMAZING! All the food (all 27 orders) came out within 2 minutes, super impressed with the service and it was all nice and hot too! No complaints from anyone so for such a big booking, that’s pretty good going and i’d definitely recommend going to Fat Cat if you’re ever in Derby and need food. 

(photos used from gvadlln) 
Everyone picked a prize from the Lucky dip after dinner and I gave them out along with announcing that whoever had a silver disk in their cupcake box, had won a Marc B bag! Congratulations to Rebecca who won! Dessert came which was incredible, I had Chocolate Fudge cake with Cream and it was so big that I couldn’t eat it all but again, no complaints so everything went brilliantly! After dessert I handed out the goodie bags and watched as people delved through them enjoying what they had received! 

Goodbyes came not long after and it was so good of everyone to attend so getting to say bye to individuals was nice too! The day really couldn’t have gone any better, apart from me remembering my camera of course. So again, thank you to all the companies that provided the prizes and goodie bags and to Fat Cat for hosting the dinner - they were amazing at everything. Thank you to REN for providing the goodie bags and thank you to for providing the cupcake boxes! 

Please leave your links if you’ve reviewed the day or any of the products you’ve received. 
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  1. Sounds a great day, well done for organising :) x

  2. aw this looks like so much fun! Really want to go to a meet up :)

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  3. It was such a good day, you made it amazing for everyone :) xx


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