Tuesday 24 December 2013

Birthday Wish list

So it may only be Christmas Eve but it’s my birthday on Sunday so it’s a perfect excuse to get my wish list up! There are only a few things I really want for my Birthday - I already have some trainers that Adam has bought me so as for the rest, i’ll buy it in the sales with any money I get for my birthday! 

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Soap and Glory Bath/Shower Products - I already have a few but I really want to try Sugar Crush, Foamous and Pulp Fiction and rather than buying the gift sets, i’d rather buy them individually.

Paul & Joe Paisley Make-up Bag - after finding out that the file type bag has been discontinued, this little bag with a brush holder insert is the next best thing! I really need a make-up bag that can hold little bits when I nip out and this one seems perfect! 

2014 Diary - Even though I use the calendar on my phone/computer, I feel like I need one manually that I can jot people’s birthday’s in, events etc so this one from Paperchase would do the job! I love flamingos too! 

Ted Baker Make-up Bag - Even though I have the Paul & Joe bag on here, I really love the Ted Baker ones and they’re perfect for travelling with! They look so pretty! 

Filofax Compact - If I can find one that I like, like this one, for a reasonable price, i’d love to get a filofax rather than a diary! They’re so quirky and cool and i’d love for one to live in my handbag! 

Chanel Lipstick - What girl wouldn’t want a Chanel lipstick for their birthday!? I’ve been wanting one for AGES now so lets see what happens…

So that’s what i’m asking for this year! I can’t believe i’ll be 24 in 5 days! 

Merry Christmas!

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  1. Everything looks lovely! Have a great christmas and birthday on sunday!

    Hannah Heartss xxx

  2. I got the ted baker bag in light pink for Christmas from my best friend! I love it!!
    Merry Christmas and Happy Birthday!! Hope you have a lovely day xx



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