Sunday, 15 December 2013

Bedroom Wishlist

This week, all i’ve been doing is building and moving furniture! We have bought new things for the bedroom and moved what was in there into Millie's room so she has places to put her clothes and bits. We went for the Black Capella range from Argos as it was reasonably priced and were the only things that would fit in the places we wanted it to go! 

I’ve never had my own dressing table so i’m so happy to finally own one! All I need to do now is decorate the room with accessories etc… 

Untitled #35

Skull Money Bank - Urban Outfitters
I really love these skull heads from Urban Outfitters. They have a few variations but as we have a Yellow, White and Black theme in the bedroom, the white one will stand out more on the Dressing table. Also a pretty good place for me to store the change that lingers around the house!

Candle holder - Ikea
Although it’s a candle holder, i’ll be using this as a perfume holder. I really want my perfumes to be on show rather than away in a drawer. I find I don’t wear them that often because they’re not in sight for me to remember to use!

Dressing table - Argos
This is already put up and is waiting for me to fill it with lovely things!

Jewellery holder - Urban Outfitters
I have so many necklaces but just don’t have anywhere to put them and I don’t really want to screw anything into the walls as it’s rented so this would be perfect to hold my necklaces without them all getting tangled!

Heart Lights - Various places
We have 2 lights on each bedside table but at the moment they have no bulbs in and we never really have any lights on once we get into bed but I think these would look lovely around the mirror and just to give a bit of cosiness if we fancy an early night ;)

Elephant ring holder - Urban Outfitters
I don’t wear rings anymore as when I got pregnant, they got too small (my fingers got too fat) but i’d love to have them on show and this cute little elephant would be perfect!

Brush Holder - Ikea
Everyone has them and everyone loves them! The IKEA flower pots and candle holders are perfect for storing makeup brushes so i’ll be picking a couple up next time we head over there!

Do you have any favourite pieces that are in your room!?