Wednesday 18 December 2013

A little Christmas Tale…

No review, no rant, just a little post about Christmas and the memories I hold from being a child as I love reminiscing and I’d love to read your Christmas memories too! 

So, from as young as I can remember (which would take me back to when my sister was born) we’d wake up, or she’d come and wake me up and we’d go into my Mum & Dad’s room to wake Mum up as Dad was always downstairs and we’d run downstairs to check if Santa had been but not before being stopped to make sure Dad had the camcorder recording! It was typical for my Dad to stand at the end of the room to capture our faces as we walked through the door to see all of the presents that Santa had left! Our presents used to cover the sofa, my Mum and Dad’s would share a chair and my Nan’s would be in her chair. This was the same every single year and probably still is now! 

Every Christmas Eve, I always tried to fool my sister into telling me what she had got me for Christmas and i’d fool her into believing I’d got her something ridiculous like a teddy the size of the house that was waiting outside for her haha! 

We’d open our presents first, Dad still recording our every reaction to presents and if we had a ‘big’ present, this wasn’t always wrapped so it was the first one we’d spot! I always used to ask my Mum to wrap as many gifts as possible so I had more things to open… This went on until I left home and it got to the point I was opening deodorant bottles!! 

I can also remember the Christmas that I realised Santa wasn’t real. I had a glass window above my bedroom door and had a cabin bed so could see out of it really easily! Mum and Dad were up and downstairs and I wondered what the hell was going on so I peered out and saw them carting all these presents downstairs! I just sat back in bed and tried to go to sleep - absolutely gutted, this never happened! I didn’t tell them in the morning but I think it was a few weeks later that I told them what I saw. I kept it going for my sister’s sake just like she does for my little brother! We still have presents off Santa though… Who doesn’t!? ;) 

On Christmas morning, there wasn’t really much of a tradition, we’d just open our presents, have a play with them and then have breakfast and get ready to go to my Grandma’s where we have more presents and spend the day eating dinner and chocolates! There is always a board game or 2 that’s played and I think i’ll be taking Monopoly with me this year or may buy a new one - one of those pictionary games - they’re always fun! 

So, that’s what my Christmas’s used to be like but now, they’re going to be a whole other world! I can’t wait for next week… Cozying up on Christmas Eve with a drink and some chocolates watching a Christmas film and then trying to sleep to wake up early on Christmas morning and spend our first Christmas as a family! 

What Christmas memories do you hold!? 

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