Sunday 24 November 2013

#TheSkinProject - My Skin

This is my first post of a new project that has been created by Lianne over at The Brunette Says. It’s a Skin Project that will run over 12 weeks including everything Skin related. It will give us Beauty Bloggers the chance to share our tips and experiences when it comes to looking after our skin including: 



Using Toners 

Eye Creams 
Face Masks & Treatments 
Anti-Ageing Treatments 
A Q&A session with a Skincare Expert 
and TheSkinProject Awards taken from the most popular products used over the series. 

So, this week is all about My Skin. Before I met Adam (back in 2010) I never really used any form of skincare. I used wipes and a general face wash to remove my make up and never even knew about serums and oils but he recommended that I went and had a consultation with Clinique to get a proper skincare set that will cleanse and tone as well as moisturise my poor, un-loved skin. I went over to Selfridges Birmingham and had this consultation and it came out that I had combination skin with dry patches around my nose and my chin and boy, do I know it! 

When it turns cold, my chin gets SO dry and flakey and every month, it’s where I get my ‘hormonal’ spots. Super annoying but I have come across a holy grail product that i’ll share with you later in this series. Other than this, my skin works well with most things really. It’s quite clear of bad breakouts and blemishes apart from over my eyelids and around my nose - where it’s quite red and veiny. I also have quite large pores around my nose and under my eyes but with a good primer, this is made pretty much unnoticeable when I wear make-up. 

I like having quite a flawless, matte look to my skin when using make up so I tend to go for quite heavy duty foundations and always opt for a matte finish. If I used a lighter foundation or one that has more of a dewy finish, my skin just looks oily and it does me no favours. One thing I hate though is that I get a sweaty top lip quite easily which is SUPER ANNOYING when i’m wearing foundation so i’ll be looking out for things that can help me with this. Hands up all the STL sufferers! 

I’ve added a few photos of my bare, un-edited face so you can see what I mean by blemishes, red bits, dry bits etc. I find it hard to do comparison photos when using skincare unless there is a major difference but at least you can see my ‘natural beauty’. Ha, so she says! I am also well aware my eyebrows need doing, don’t judge! ;) 

So, all in all, I have combination skin, i’ve been using various different types of skincare for nearly 4 years now and have a few things that i’d change if I had the chance too! Make sure you leave your links below if you’re apart of this project too and if you want to find out more, head over to Lianne’s blog, The Brunette Says, to find out how you can get involved! 

Next week is all about Cleansing

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  1. Fab post hun!
    Excited to read about your holy grail product! ;)
    Looking forward to sharing your journey thru the project!!
    Lianne | TheBrunetteSays...


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