Tuesday 19 November 2013

OOTD: Comfy Cardi

Really trying to keep in the swing of this OOTD business and i’m enjoying it! Now we’ve got the flat sorted, it means that I can get dressed without having to do it around Millie’s naps. I can shower when she’s napping and get dressed / do my make up without having to try and keep her entertained too! I didn’t notice until uploading these photos though that I clash a little with our new sofas, ha! 

Its getting colder and colder and i’m starting to wear jumpers and cardi’s in the flat now to save having the heating blasting all day long. Long cardi’s are perfect for me too as i’m still not too comfortable with my post-baby figure (yes, I know it’s been 7 months…) so they hide all the bits that bulge over things like jeans and leggings! 

Cami Top - River Island
Jeans - H&M 
Boots - New Look
Cardigan - Miss Luxe 
Lipstick - MAC Just a Bite 
Sallys Glitz & Glam Double Volume Straight Hair Piece

I’m really loving my hair pieces again at the moment. As I got really fed up with my perm quite early on, i’m wearing my hair pieces more and more until my hair is in good enough condition to have my extensions put back in! YAY! 

How do you wrap up to keep warm!? 


  1. Long cardis are perfect for lounging about the flat in! Also love that sofa (it caught my eye from the thumbnail on bloglovin).

    Morag @ mo'adore xx

    1. Ah the sofa is amazing isn’t it!? I’ll be doing a living room post soon with all the new furniture in so you can see it a little better then! But yeah, I love just throwing a chunky cardi on whilst lounging about!


  2. Love this cardi, the outfit looks great x

  3. Ooooh this looks perfect for the weather at the mo. Cute outfit hun! x

  4. Replies
    1. This one’s perfect cus you can wrap yourself in it! :)



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