Friday, 8 November 2013

MAC Pretty Please & Join the Party

I’ve really been loving MAC Lipsticks this year, building my collection slowly and have even bought a few nude shades. I don’t tend to go for natural lip colours as I like to be bold and colourful but for autumn days, they are perfect just to add a little something to a 'minimal make-up day’ face. 

Lip gloss also, isn’t normally what I reach for, but since I bought these two beauties from Sophie’s Blog sale, I haven’t stopped wearing them; They’re perfect alone or as a duo! Pretty Please is a Lustre Lipstick when usually I would go for Amplified or Matte, I was a little worried about the pigmentation that would come from this but was pleasantly surprised when I swatted it and applied it to my lips. It gives a very pale nude colour to your lips and you can definitely tell that you’re wearing it once applied. Perfect with a bold eye or with a natural face. 

Join the Party is a little deeper but still a nude colour. It isn’t sticky either which is one of the main reasons I hate lip glosses. When you’re hair gets caught or your lips just become stringy from the gloss - eugh, I hate it! I’ve found that i’m using Join the Party on a daily basis over nude colours and works well with them all, especially Velvet Teddy

Top one is Pretty Please and bottom is Just a Party - both without a base. I bought these two from a blog sale as I said and unfortunately, Join the Party is no longer available but you can buy Pretty Please in MAC stores or online for £15.00

If you’re looking for a lighter nude to add to your collection, I definitely recommend Pretty Please! 

Have you tried either of these? 

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