Monday 25 November 2013

Lush Golden Wonder

Yep, another Lush Christmas Product! Don’t act like you don’t love them!! This time it’s all about the Golden Wonder Bath Bomb. I picked this little fella up a while back when my lovely boyfriend treated me to a heap of Lush Christmas products and I’ve just not got round to using it, until now! 

I try to give myself a nice, relaxing bath once a week (obviously I shower in-between but unless you have a child, you don’t realise how hard it is to have a soak in the bath) and in this bath I use a bath bomb of sorts. When (or if) I do and it’s something that I think you will love (or hate) I blog it which obviously includes taking photos etc etc but with this one, I took the first few photos of it fizzing away in the bath and then… My camera died! I was in a state of panic, frantically looking for my phone to try and capture the fact my bath was now turning green when I had just put a gold coloured bath bomb into it! Luckily, I got my phone and managed to get the snaps I wanted - phew! 
So, what’s so special about Golden Wonder you ask? What isn’t!? It’s made to smell like Champagne but to me, has a real fruity fragrance to it that everyone loves! It has a gold, sort of glittery outer shell that looks like a present waiting to be un-wrapped. I tend to drop bath bombs into my bath whilst the water is still running and doing so unveiled a greeny, gold, festive delight! The water curdled with greens and whites and then appeared the most magical part… Stars! My bath was filled with tiny gold stars! Definitely one of the best Christmas Bath products you could possibly try! 

One of the main things that did spring to mind when I saw these pretty stars was ‘Oh god, the mess!’ because if you’ve read other reviews of Lush products of mine, you’ll know I hate cleaning up dirty residue that’s left around the bath but with this, there was none. I just swilled the bath like I normally do once I was out and it was clean as it was to begin with! 

If you’re looking for a treat or even an extra little something to go in someon'es stocking, this is perfect! I don’t know who wouldn’t love it and definitely want to re-purchase before the Christmas Collection stops in January! You can pick Golden Wonder up for £3.50 here or at your nearest Lush store! 

Have you tried Golden Wonder? Did you love it as much as I did!? 


  1. I love that this turns the water into a feast of colors and sparkle - it's completely unexpected and it smells lovely too :o). Xx

  2. Oh wow, I wasn't expecting the water to turn that colour- that's amazing! xx

  3. This is one of my favourite Christmas products from Lush! x

  4. This looks so pretty! I'm tempting to pick it up, however I hate it when I get glitter bits stuck to me when I get out the bath, does this happen with the stars? xo

  5. Ooooh I have one upstairs, I'm so excited to use it! I have no idea what I'm saving it for but I feel like I don't want to use it just yet haha

    Charlotte - x

  6. i used one of these a couple of week ago, loved everything about the product. You really cannot beat lush :) xx

  7. That sounds like the perfect bath bomb! The scent sounds incredible & those colours look amazing!
    Definitely going into my basket next time I'm in lush!!

    Charlotte xx


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