Thursday, 21 November 2013

Lush ‘Danger! Cosmetics to Go’ Book Launch Event


As one of my favourite brands, I was super excited to be invited to an exclusive event at Lush Birmingham on Tuesday. To be shown the Christmas products up close and personal was one thing but to be there for the first launch of the book behind the company that was before Lush was the other! 

Cosmetics to Go was the company before Lush - a very similar company in ethics around cosmetics and bath/body products, the book covers the in’s and out’s of what the company believe in, personal stories from people that work in the factories producing many of the products we love from Lush! The author, Mira Manga has such a passion for writing and enthusiasm for all things Lush and after spending 23 months writing it, the finished product looks amazing! It kind of looks like an Annual of Lush - you know the magazine annuals you used to have as kids?! She spent most of her time down in Poole where Lush make their products, gathering stories from the workers and putting together the book, with personal experiences involved, she took a little bit of a different turn when editing the book which is shown in the writing style and pictures! She wanted to create a sensual journey by using luxurious wording and pictures to give you a complete reading sensation!

We were made very much at home with nibbles, drinks and testers and demo’s of the christmas products as well as an unbelievably generous goodie bag full of treats to keep you Lushed for a good few weeks! 

The Christmas collection is absolutely amazing too! I’ve already got / tried a lot of it and tried a lot last year too so this year, minus the favourites, i’m trying to get things that i’m yet to try. The 2 gift boxes that we were gifted include things that I haven’t tried so i’m super excited to dive in to those! I did also pick up a few bits for myself including the Luxury Christmas Pud, Twilight and Sexy Peel soap. 

There is so much to choose from at the moment in Lush and for Christmas ideas, I think the ready made gift boxes are fab gifts for pretty much everyone and anyone! You can always set a target too and make a box yourself a get it wrapped in one of the christmas edition scarves, you’ll have 2 presents in one then! 

I can’t wait to get stuck into the book and the goodies and there will be reviews coming up of each and every one of them so keep your eyes peeled! You can buy Danger! Cosmetics to Go here  for £19.95 or in selected Lush stores across the UK. 

Have you tried any of the Christmas Collection and did you know about the Cosmetics to Go book!? 

P.s. Have you entered my Big Christmas Goodie Box Giveaway!?