Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Lush Christmas Penguin

After the disappointment I had from Cinders the other week, I was eager to find another Bath Bomb that I could brag about here in the bloggersphere. I have a few bath bombs and treats from the Lush Christmas Collection that I need to use and am slowly making my way through them but this week was the turn of the Christmas Penguin. 

I love that the Christmas Penguins are all made to look different so not one is going to look the same. Some are fat, some are tall and thin, some have buttons and some don’t! I think it just adds to the personal touch that bath bombs give when everyone uses them differently. It’s quite a substantial sized bath bomb so I like to try and get my moneys worth and can easily be used for 2 or 3 baths, depending on how bubbly you like them! 

I crumbled half of the Penguin under the running water and it did so with ease, I love doing this too as it leaves my hands super soft afterwards. It doesn’t have a strong fragrance but did leave the bathroom smelling really fresh! Within a few seconds, the bubbles were mounting up and with a little extra swooshing around, I had a bath full of lovely bubbles!! 

As one of the cheaper Bath Bombs in their Christmas Collection, you can buy it here for £2.95 or in your nearest Lush Store. I definitely think it’s worth the money as you wouldn’t need to use a full one and could break it up for numerous bath times! It also didn’t leave any residue on the bath like others have in the past which is a bonus to me as it means no cleaning! 

It’s not a favourite but it’s certainly one i’d recommend to try if you’re on the look out for a new Bubble Bar! 

What’s your favourite Christmas Bath Bomb / Bubble bar?!