Friday 29 November 2013

Funny Stocking Filler Ideas

Along with my Christmas Gift Ideas for members of the family, I also have a few stocking filler ideas or things that are funny just as joke gifts. are fantastic websites to find unusual gifts on if you’re stuck for ideas for someone! There is plenty to choose from with gifts for her, him and even the kids! 

The Edible Eyes* have to be a winner for me and are perfect as a gift to Mums or even Kids so they can turn their food into people (not that you should promote eating people…)  but it makes breakfast, lunch and dinner time so much more exciting. You just push out the eyes you want to use from the sugar plaque they’re on, stick it on what ever is being eaten and eat it like normal (they don’t have any stickiness so better to use on food that’s flat). They taste a little like sugar money, just less sugary and more papery. I haven’t really used them with Millie though as I don’t want them to get stuck in her throat so probably more useful for toddlers that are starting to be picky with foods! 

The next is a bit of a joke gift that we actually think is a brilliant idea. We’ll be rocking up to my parents house on Christmas day with one on each and these are Emergency Costumes*! When I saw them online I thought they were going to be a selection of accessories to turn you into a selection of people i.e. snowman, santa, elf etc but they’re not! It’s a plastic sort of sheet that has the print of the character on so you literally just throw it on over your own clothes and you’ve got an instant fancy dress. Perfect for a silly get together or even just for a bit of fun on Christmas Day! 

You can get the edible eyes here for £6.99 and you can get the emergency outfits here for £5.99 

Do you know anyone that would love these!? Why not go silly for Christmas Day and give your Turkey and Stuffing some eyes and dress as Santa to surprise the family!? 


  1. such cute gift ideads!

    from helen at

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