Monday 4 November 2013

Dear Santa Claus...

...I know i’ve been banging on about Christmas for a few weeks now but I just can’t help it! I absolutely LOVE this time of year. I always think it’s because my birthday is around this time too and I have to wait all year for them both to come and it’s just so exciting!

 In one week I get to enjoy having… Christmas Eve, Christmas, Boxing Day, my Birthday, New Years Eve and New Years Day! I know Christmas Eve, Boxing Day and New Years Day may not sound like much to most of you but I get super excited Christmas eve, snuggled up watching Christmas films and prepping the last few presents and on Boxing day, getting to ‘play’ with all my new things! Then, New Years Day is a day for doing absolutely NOTHING and enjoying the last of the festive season before it’s all over again for another year. 

I’ve really struggled with ideas for presents this year and my list is lacking a little. I could fill it with beauty products, shoes and handbags but I really don’t like asking for that sort of stuff, I prefer to buy it myself to make sure it’s the right shade or size etc. So, Santa… I would like…  

Untitled #30

River Island Black Tote // Origins Mask Marvels Set // Pyjamas // Paul and Joe Makeup Bag
'Mum' Pandora Charm // MAC Quad Palette
Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast and Snow White Disney DVD’s
GHD Hair Styling Set // Lolita Lempicka Eau De Parfum // River Island Clip-top Purse
Lush Christmas Gift set // iPad Mini Hard Cover // Casio Watch // Real Techniques Eye Collection

My family and Adam always do pretty good when it comes to present buying so I think even without a list, i’d be happy with whatever I opened up Christmas Morning and of course, this year is going to be completely different as we have one more person to buy for and who will be opening presents alongside us…

What’s on your Christmas List!? 

P.s. Look out for a Birthday wish list coming soon too!


  1. Fab post. I think we have a pretty similar list :) I'm lucky too as my boyfriend could easily pick without a list too xx

    1. Yeah its nice to know that whatever you’ll get you’ll like isn’t it?! But he likes to have a list too just incase he’s stuck or if there is things that I really want!


  2. First of all, wowzers! I would love to be able to celebrate that many holidays in a single week. :) I have to admit that some of those items look pretty tempting - I need to do my list as well. Perhaps a future post for LoveDreamsCouture?

    1. Haha it’s really not that great. I hate not having anything to look forward to in the rest of the year but I guess now i’m a mum i have Mothers day ;)


  3. don't forget to add us to your Christmas list ;)


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