Wednesday 20 November 2013

Christmas Gift Ideas #1 - Baby

This year seems to be full of new born babies and if you’re anything like me (or what I used to be like) I find it impossible to buy for babies/toddlers as knowing what they already have or even like is so difficult. Having your own child makes this easier though and you begin to learn the things that certain babies/children would appreciate.

Little Birdie Told Me is an online store ran by "a team of nursery specialists who are dedicated to making the world of little people and grown-ups that little bit more special. The product ranges offer an exceptional choice of developmental activity toys, innovative infant rocking animals & horses and nursery accessories, all of which are presented in beautiful eco-friendly gift style packaging. Stocking everything from toys to baby on board signs, you can be sure to find whatever it is youre looking for right here! 

With Millie becoming more mobile every day, all be it - she isn’t walking yet, we decided to get the ‘Curious Caterpillar Activity Pull-Along’* as it would be perfect for her now and even when she’s starting to walk. The caterpillar is full of surprises with sensory tags including scrunchy sounds in the leaves, a mirror in the flower, the wooden pull along wheels that are also detachable and the caterpillar itself, that also comes out of the shell. 

There are no loose bits and no strings to tie things together, everything is done by velcro. The flaps that hold the wheels in place is velcro and the attachment for the pull along is also velcro so there are no safety hazards around worries of being strangled (sorry, a little bit of health and safety doesn’t hurt anyone)

I think this Caterpillar is perfect for Millie’s age, 6 months and up. And like I said, it will last until she’s walking and she can still play with it then. It’s not too baby-ish and gives enough of a good vibe to curious toddlers. If you’re looking for something for babies a little older or something a little bigger, you could try the Rocking Horses or if you’re going the other end of the scale and looking for presents for new borns, try the Baby Play Mats

You can buy the Pull Along Caterpillar here for £18.00 Millie loves hers, she’s so fascinated with things that make a noise at the moment and now she can sit up unaided, it’s perfect for her to play with alone. 

Have you ever heard of Little Birdie Told Me!? 

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  1. Thanks for the post! Was looking for something for my goddaughter and am definately going to check this store out. Her name is Millie too :)

    1. Aww, i’m glad this has given you an idea of what to get her! There is so much choice so you’re bound to find something!


  2. So cute! I wish i had a baby to buy for this christmas!

    Hannah Heartss xxx


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