Wednesday 27 November 2013

Christmas Gift Guide #2 - Mom / Grandma

The second part of my gift guide is going to be focusing on the women in your life… The only women that truly know you - Your Mum’s and Grandma’s! I think Grandma’s are the only people that seem to have everything and when it comes to Christmas, you’re stuck for ideas and just end up getting them something they’ve already got to add to the collection. 

Aside from these gorgeous candles and wax melts, the thing that me & Adam do for my Grandma is take her and my Grandad out for a meal rather than buy them something, we also got my Mum and Dad a night at the Dogs last year from Groupon so there’s another few ideas for you if you’re really stuck! 

Cali’s Handmade Candle Co. actually came about from a Christmas Present from Cali’s husband, Andrew. It was a home candle making kit and since then it has just grown and grown! She has turned a hobby into a business and is doing really well with it too! There is so much to choose from and the website categorises the candles into Autumn, Summer and winter Fragrances which is really good if you’re into more wintery / christmassy scents or more floral / summery scents. 

I was kindly gifted a tin Candle and 4 wax melts when Cali sent over a hamper for my East Midlands Meet Up and thought it was a perfect gift for Christmas so saved it for my gift guides. The 4 wax melts that came were: Cinnemon, Yuzu, Coffee and Hazlenut and Lemon Lavender and then the tin candle was Crackling Firewood. The Wax Melts smell incredible and are of a similar size to the Yankee Candle tarts, just a little deeper. We melted the Cinnemon one in our candle burner and it was AMAZING! The smell is so strong and you can smell it instantly. 2 days later it still smells gorgeous so thumbs up for those! The Candle Tin is also another lovely smelling candle but this doesn’t seem to smell as strong as the tarts. It did however burn for a total of around 18 hours before I had to blow it out and all the wax had gone but that’s really good going for such a small candle! 


You can put together little hampers if you contact Cali and she will happily help you pick the right things for whoever it is you’re buying for or, just buy a candle burner and lots of little scents and you’re onto a winner! Who doesn’t love the look and smell of a candle!? 

You can buy the Container Candles* from £4.90 and the Wax melts* from 99p each!  

Will you be picking any Candles up for your Mum or Nan this year!? 

P.s. Have you entered my Big Christmas Goodie Box Giveaway!?

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