Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Christmas Day Dresses

It’s nearly that time of year when we get out the sparkles and find any excuse to dress up and wear as much glitter as possible. Like I said in my Christmas Parties post, i’ve never actually been to a Christmas party but i’ve always had something new to wear on Christmas Day. I tend to always go for a pretty dress but getting older, i’m kind of leaning towards a cosy jumper and leggings! At least I know I can fit as much food in as I want without worrying about showing off my big belly!! 

The Cityrack is an up and coming online ladies fashion store based in London catering to lovers of all sorts of fashion at really affordable prices! Their dresses are all a little different to the ones you’d find elsewhere online or on the high street too and there is definitely something for everyone! If you’re looking for a Christmas Dress, then this is definitely a place to look before getting caught up in the chaos that is Christmas Shopping! 

Untitled #32

I love the look of this Cream and Faux Leather quilted dress. Being a midi dress means you can get away with wearing it alone or with tights, for that added bit of warmth and it looks like its quite tight fitting too so will help suck in all those wobbly bits you’ve gained over the festive period! It’s also a dress that can be worn again and again, perfect for £26.99.

Another Midi dress but this time a Christmassy Red colour with an added bit of sparkle from the sequins! If you have a Christmas party or like to up the anti when it comes to dressing for Christmas day, this dress is for you! £24.99

I think that this 3/4 length dress is my favourite out of them all. It has an open back and is such a gorgeous, festive Green colour. Team this with a large statement necklace, some bright Red lips and you’re onto a winner! The long sleeves will keep you warm too when you’re walking off that Turkey! £23.99

Last but definitely not least, I chose this long sleeved navy blue dress as it has a cute little sequin collar and looks perfect for Christmas Day! It’s something i’d actually pick and wear at Christmas and is a little similar to what I wore last year (minus the collar and long sleeves). At £19.99 this is the cheapest of the 4 dresses but I actually think it’s the best option for Christmas! 

But if you’re not looking for something fancy this Christmas and want to get into the festive spirit another way, these Reindeer Jumpers are the perfect solution - who doesn’t love a Christmas jumper, especially at £21.99 each!? 

Untitled #34

Have you spotted something you like?! What will you be wearing on Christmas Day!? 

P.s. I did a Christmas TAG the other day, i’d love to know if you have done one!? 
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