Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Braceface #3

Here’s the next instalment to my ‘Braceface’ series. If you missed the first two, you can catch up with them here and here

So, the next step in my braces procedure was to have 4 extractions. Yes, 4 TEETH OUT! Ouch! I’d never had any teeth out before apart from one that was imbedded up in my gum and this had to come out via general anaesthetic in which I can’t really remember much of what happened. I was booked in to have 2 extractions on the 7th October and the following 2 a week later on the 14th. This all went ahead and wasn't too bad. 

The process of extractions is quite simple and really quite quick, whether it’s because I feel at ease with my dentist as i’ve had the same once since I was 2 or just that the procedure really isn’t that bad. You have a small injection in your gums surrounding the tooth that is coming out and the same on the inside of your gums to numb the area completely. The first week I had my top teeth removed so my nose and face was all tingly and felt really strange. He tugged a little and twisted and they were out. I was in and out of the dentist in 10 minutes

The next week he removed my bottom teeth, this was the same process with the injections etc but this time, my lip felt HUGE and it was a really strange sensation. I found it really hard to drink without dribbling loads! There isn’t much blood involved either, I just rinsed my mouth out with a little salt water 10 minutes after I had them removed and they’ve been fine since. My dentist even asked if I wanted to keep my teeth but I think i’m a little old for the tooth fairy now, don’t you!? 

The next step was (what I thought) the preparation for the brace in which the tiny squares get stuck onto my teeth but when arriving at the Orthodontist, they told me i’d be having my braces completely fitted. Oh. I wasn’t expecting it and I wasn’t prepared - i’d have eaten more over the weekend if I knew this!! The whole procedure of putting the braces on was about an hour or just a little more, boring and uncomfortable but it had to be done. 

I can’t really remember what happened, there was lots of water sprayed into my mouth, that suction thing was in there too, some scraping, some poking and lots of pulling! I kind of dozed through the whole thing if i’m honest as I was lying down and had my eyes closed. I know that they applied the squares first, then set my false plate in which is there to create a lower bite and then connected the wires etc - that’s the uncomfortable part! 

(If you don’t like to see photos of my mouth, scroll down fast)

As you can see, I have a full set of ‘train track’ braces as well as a plate that sits where a retainer would which is preventing me biting up as my bite is larger than what it’s meant to be. In english, when I close my mouth, my bottom teeth would sit too far up behind my front teeth and it wasn’t helping with the alignment of my jaw / teeth. 

The braces are strange and so is the plate, the white stuff you can see on my molars is cement for the plate and will come off in time, bit by bit but for now, i’m still getting used to them. I HATED them at first, they hurt, I couldn’t eat, they make me talk funny (think of Sid from Ice Age) and i’m constantly picking food out of my teeth / brace and brushing them 3 times a day! But, like everyone is telling me, it’ll be worth it! In 2 years time, i’ll have lovely, straight teeth and i’ll be happy to show them off but at the moment, I must admit that my confidence has taken a beating and i’m finding it difficult to talk to strangers or smile etc. I hope this changes once I get used to them!! 

So, that’s it for now. I’m not expecting to see a huge difference anytime soon but I have another appointment before Christmas where they will be tightening them and may have noticed a small change when it comes to then. 

Have you had braces?! Was it worth it for you? Did you struggle with eating?! 

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