Thursday 28 November 2013

OOTD: Military Fashion

When it comes to fashion, the inspiration for the theme / style has to come from somewhere and a lingering fashion style is the Military / Army styley. When I think of Military I think camouflage, greens and browns, big boots, buckles and mud - obviously. But it can differ with brass button up jackets, epaulets and berrets - giving a more Formal Military style to the look.

I have few items of clothing that would be classed as ‘Military’ when thinking about it... I love my Faux Leather Camo jacket that I got last year for my Birthday and it’s brilliant for winter as it can be layered up and then also used in the warmer months too. Team with jeans, a chunky scarf or even a chunky jumper and throw on some boots and you’re good to go… Military style! 

For more of a toned down army inspired look you can go for a plain colour with attributes that give off the army feel. I have a G-Star RAW Grey jacket that has certain ‘military’ styles to it. The big collar, the big buttons and pockets and also the stamp on the back all give it a modern army look and this again is perfect to layer up! I’ve given it more of a modern look by wearing my leopard scarf to go with it but it’s all within modernising what can be seen to be an old fashionista. 

If you’re looking to go a little more Military this year, remember you can get camo leggings, jumpers, more jackets and boots! They don’t have to be the real thing but if you are looking for a decent pair of boots to keep your tootsies warm when (and if) it snows this year, take a look at these Magnum Waterproof Ankle Boots for Women - they’re the perfect fit for the military style and completely practical because if you’re anything like me, I fall over in the snow and ice and my feet get SO COLD I constantly moan about owning a decent pair of snow boots! Team these with the Faux Leather Camo, Black Jeans and A super cosy Scarf and you’re ready to take on world snow. 

I know that there seems to be a lot of those ‘Tough Mudder’ training sessions about at the moment too and Magnum do a really good range of waterproof and cool dry clothing that would be perfect for it if you’re planning on taking part! Don’t let the cold beat you, make sure you beat the cold! 

Do you own anything that would fall under the ‘Military’ fashion directory? 

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