Thursday, 7 November 2013

Anne De Jeunesse Skincare

We should all be looking after our skin, especially now the cold weather has hit us! Skin can become dry and flaky and loose its moisture so investing in a good skincare routine is definitely something everyone needs to do! There are so many products out there for all the different skin types; oily, dry, sensitive etc and Sophia over at Tattooed Tealady is actually doing a Skincare Project at the moment so if you want to learn more about your skin type, head over there. 

But, the majority of you lovely readers are probably aged between 18-30, right? So, that’s where Anne De Jeunesse fits in! Anne De Jeunesse was created by a young, Spanish lady called Marta who believed that using natural ingredients in cosmetology was as important as the summers we remember as youngsters and developed a young, natural, fresh line designed to produce radiant skin with all the freshness of its natural ingredients which benefit the skin from the first application in memory of her best friend, Anne who she used to visit every year in France. 

The range consists of Facial Cleansers, Tonics, Creams, Masks and lots more but I was lucky enough to get the Cleansing Milk*, Facial Tonic* and Facial Cream* along with a sample of Liquid Gold (which i’ll have another post on because it’s that good).

I’ve been using these for just over 2 weeks now and my skin has adapted well to them. I’m always a little worried when I try new skincare as the effects can be vile; i.e. break outs, rashes etc but luckily, my skin has taken to all 3 products and i’ve been able to use them daily in my skincare routine. 

The cleansing milk is something i’ve never really used before, i’ve always gone for a makeup remover and then toner afterwards but this will easily take off mascara (although I did have to pick at it a little more than normal) and takes off foundation / powder leaving your skin free of make up completely! Because it is a milk and a lotion, it’s not too heavy when you apply it and doesn’t leave any residue either. I find that if I use the cleansing milk, then wash my face after, it just helps remove the last little bits and un blocks my pores ready for the toner. 

When using the toner, I am pleased that the lid is a press down applicator as i’m known for squirting toner all over the floor missing the cotton pad completely! But, with the way these bottles are formed, you don’t have this problem! The toner helps to remove any signs of makeup and residue and smooth your skin out leaving it fresh and clean. One swipe across my forehead, cheeks, down my nose and across my chin normally does the job! 

I only use the facial cream in the afternoon if I have no make up on and find my skin goes a little dry as i’m currently using a No7 Day Cream to help with my dry patches i’ve got from the cold weather and bad break out I had last month but when I do use the lotion, it isn’t too thick and settles into the skin nicely creating a smooth and fresh smelling surface ready for the day ahead. If you are a fan of facial creams, i’d recommend this one as the scent isn’t over powering but you can tell that the ingredients used will do you good. 

Overall, I love all 3 of these products and can’t wait to use the facial cream more once my skin has settled down. My only opinion would be that directions / ingredients may be printed onto the bottle as once i’ve taken photos of products, I tend to throw out instruction papers and boxes to stop me from hoarding empty boxes! 

You can buy the Anne De Jeunesse range from GorgeousShop and they currently have a few offers on over there too where you can save £18.00 on the Purity and Sensitive Value Sets! 

Have you tried any Anne De Jeunesse products!? What’s your favourite!? 

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