Thursday 31 October 2013

Yankee Candle Tarts

I don’t think I stand alone when I say how much I love candles in Winter! There’s nothing cosier than snuggling up on the sofa with a blanket, cup of tea and lots of candles flickering around the room - not to mention the lovely scent coming from them! 

We don’t have a fireplace in the flat (obviously) so we try to light candles on a daily basis to give a homely feel to it and to also make it smell nice! We have a large Yankee Candle and lots of smaller tin candles and tea candles along with a wax burner. We normally buy scented waxes from eBay for £1.99 and they come in a chunk which kinda looks like a bar of chocolate! You just break bits off and light a tea light under it and it burns away. The scent can normally be smelt for unto 72 hours, after that, it’s not as strong! 

Every month though, Yankee Candles have 25% off a certain fragrance, which means that their tarts are only 92p!!  Who can refuse a little melting waxy bar of deliciousness for 92p!? NOT ME! So, after picking up 2 of the cheaper priced ones, I went a little OTT and stocked up for the next few weeks so our little flat smells lovely and autumnal! 

Red Jars - Poundland 
Candle holder / Wax Burner - eBay £7.99 

I think having an oil/wax burner is so much better than paying nearly £20 for a candle that burns out. This way, you can have a different fragrance smelling everyday for as little as 92p! And remember to keep an eye out for the offers on the Yankee Candles or even the Tarts!! I’d really recommend to anyone that loves candles to get a wax burner and some tea lights and just see how much more efficient they are than normal candles! 

Do you have a wax burner? What is your favourite fragrance?! 


  1. I don't have a burner but I think I need one now! 92pence is such a bargain for these :)
    I've smelt all these scents in store and they're gorgeous aren't they? Salted caramel is next on my to buy list xxx

  2. I love the Black Cherry wax tart! xo

  3. Oooh there are some on here I've haven't seen before, will definitely have to plan a shopping trip to get some now! For winter I love the Christmas tree, sparkling snow or the red velvet cupcake ones.xx


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