Monday 28 October 2013

What's Millie Doing?! #5

Millie is  now 6 months old! Can you believe it!? Time has gone so fast, it doesn't feel like 5 minutes since I was laying in hospital giving birth to her (read my birth story here)!

So much has changed this last month too! She's got so much more independent and is starting to hit some major milestones too. I literally can't believe how fast these last 6 months have gone though. You hear it all the time... 'Oh, they grow up so quick!' But they really do! Another 6 months and she'll be 1!!

  • She seems to be really unsettled in her sleeping routine at the moment. We are still dream-feeding her around 10:30pm to see if that keeps her asleep until 7am but some nights are better than others. 
  • She loves her food! She will eat pretty much anything we give her although she's not a huge fan of meat meals so we're sticking to veg & fruit at the moment. She also loves the little chocolate puddings and rice puddings that Heinz do! 
  • She weighs just over 14lbs. More than double her birth weight but still tiny compared to other babies I know of! 
  • She can feed herself pieces of food now too. I give her pieces of bread, tomatoes, baby crisps and biscotti and her hand - eye coordination is brilliant! She also likes feeding herself using the spoon but as you can imagine, not much goes in once she's bashed it on the table a few times first! 
  • She can now army crawl! She hasn't quite got the hang of getting on all fours but if we help her out she does it but falls flat on her tummy when she tries to move! Click here to watch a video of her crawling! 
  • She can also sit up unaided for a lengthy period of time although we have to stay by her incase she falls as our living room floor is really hard! 
  • She is still in size 3 nappies and wearing 3-6 month clothing although we do have some 6-9 month things but they are a little big still! She's super skinny but really long! 
  •  She still loves Waybuloo and In the Night Garden. We try to let her watch both before she has a bath! 
  • She does this horrid grunt when it seems like she can't get her own way and when she's sick a little after her bottle she'll make it sound so much worse haha, think we've got a little drama queen on our hands! 
  • We have a beaker for her water now that she's really got the hang of but it's when she goes to drink it and it comes out too fast where she needs to learn how to use it more! She ends up soaked!!

  • I honestly can't believe that in just over 2 months time, we'll be having our First Christmas as a family! I'm so excited, I get super excited for Christmas anyway but this year it's going to be extra special and I can't wait! 

    Want to see how much she's changed in the last 6 months, read my life update post here which shows her in the first few weeks of her little life! 


    1. Is she getting any teeth yet? Xx

    2. She is so cute!! I remember when my sister was this age and she was doing pretty much most of the things you mentioned. Especially the sitting up! I remember when she stood up for the first time EVER too and she did a little dance/jiggy then fall flat on her bum haha! Aww it was so cute :)
      Saadiya x


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