Thursday 3 October 2013

MAC Quad Palette - Neutrals

It's taken me a while, but I finally have a MAC quad that is FULL! I'm so pleased and I love the colours I chose to go in it.

I love a colourful eye but I love a neutral one more. It's so easy to just pop a bit of brown on your crease and whack some eyeliner on to give you an 'easy make-up face' look. I got my quad from the Debenhams 10% off Beauty sale and also 2 of the pans from there too! I grabbed the chance to save some money whilst doing it and glad I did. Unfortunately, it was my first attempt at de-potting the shadows and it didn't go as well as planned although the shadows are still pretty un-touched, there are 2 small chips missing from the first two I did! 

Here's a quick step by step guide to how I create a quick smokey eye using all 4 of these colours...

Brown Down, Rule, Espresso & Dazzlelight 

Step 1) Apply Dazzlelight all over lid up to brow bone (this means you don't have to highlight again later on). I used my finger tip for this as it was quicker and gives better coverage...

Step 2) Apply Rule to the outer part of your eye, just above your lashes and up into the crease. I used a simple eyeshadow brush to do this and blended it into my crease to avoid harsh lines...

Step 3) Apply Espresso on top of Rule but lightly. Blend out using a eyeshadow blending brush...
Step 4) Apply Brown Down to the crease and lower lash line (half way in) to give a darker smokey look. Blend together with a clean blending brush to finish. 
Foundation - Clinique Super-balanced Foundation
Concealer - 17 Phoaar Paint
Blush - Collection 2000 Shimmer Shades to Go
Eyeliner - Collection 2000 Fast Stroke Liquid liner
Mascara - Barry M Lash Vegas*
Eyebrows - HD Brows
Lipstick - MAC Up the Amp

I love how simple this look is and it is easily build-able for a night out too. The palette could be used for day into night by using Rule and Dazzlelight in the day and adding Brown Down for a smokey finish as a night time look. You could also switch up the lipstick too having a lighter, brighter colour in the day and then a darker shade at night.

Do you have a quad palette? What colours do you have in yours!? 


  1. Oo this is gorgeous!! Don't think I've seen Rule before! x

  2. I was trying to get hold of Rule earlier this summer but it was sold out, will try it again. Gorgeous look, thank you for that! Xx

  3. never thought of rule before, but you've deffo made me want to buy it!
    Rosie xo

  4. This is on my Christmas List. Lovely colour choices and they go together really well

    Carrieanne x


  5. So glad I'm not the only one who's partial to an orangey eyeshadow! Rule looks a bit garish at first but you blend it out so nicely, really suits your complexion and eye colour to a tee! X


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